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Oct 17, 2006 01:18 PM


I walked up to Royale last night with a friend to check out the burgers. First I must say the place was completly not what I expected for a bar on ave. C - it's extremeley clean, well lit and the bar is gorgeous! The burgers were very good - reminded me of ones you would have in a backyard straight off a grill; very juicy with a great bun. The fries were more like potato wedges and were good but needed alot of ketchup. Definetley a great neighborhood spot; don't know if I'd venture here if I lived somewhere else, but it's well worth the 10 to 15 minute walk!

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  1. Can I just speak up for Avenue C? Zum Schneider, the Sunburnt Cow, Lava Gina and Bao 111 are all destination bars/lounges/restaurants, and they are also clean and attractive enough in their individual ways. Avenue C has been a busy nightlife strip for a few years now, and busy with people from outside the neighborhood too.

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      I live right near avenue C; basically for a bar compared to corner bistro I didn't expect to see a place as clean as Royale - chill man.

    2. Grabbed a burger and a pint of guiness. There's a new contender in town for burger honorable mention. Great service, nice bar, superior bun. A good burger fix.