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Oct 17, 2006 01:14 PM

Light appetizer ideas to have with wine

I'm having my 3 girlfriend over to drink wine and have dinner. The dinner I have planned is pretty filling, so I don't want them to fill up on appetizers (which they are known to do!). I'd like something for them to munch on before dinner (finger food). The only thing I've come up with is cheese straws. I don't want any dip or anything involving bread. Other ideas are olives (but I've done that a lot) or nuts. Any ideas for me?

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  1. I did a red grapes and Wensleydale cranberry/cheese platter, and everyone raved. I did add a few small crackers for the cheese, but if you mound the grapes and cheese, they shouldn't fill up.

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      I agree with the cheese and grapes platter. Keeps it simple and light. You can add Marcona almonds to this for a sweet (fruit) / tangy (maybe a goat cheese) /salty (almonds) taste mix.

    2. roasted garlic- wonderful & light

      tomato, red pepper & mozzarella

      1. When I have this concern, I like to make little canapes - often with whatever I have around, so that there are only a certain number per person, rather than putting out cheese/salumeri etc. that people help themselves to. You can use sliced cucumbers or hollowed out cherry tomatoes as a base - put a little smoked salmon or trout on the cukes, or some kind of mayonnaise based salad that you've whizzed in the FP in the tomatoes.

        1. Gougeres. Light, tasty, finger food, great with wine.

          1. Goat cheese in endive is nice. Prosciutto wrapped around breadsticks with some cheese is always good.