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Oct 17, 2006 10:38 AM

To those who have full, busy days:

What do you prepare for yourself/family that can be ready by 6:30 or so?

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  1. Fish and shrimp cook quickly so I sometimes plan dinner using them during the work week. Epi's Thai Shrimp Curry is so quick and so awesome and so is their Garlic Shrimp. A quick fish dish is Pan Seared Tilapia with Lime Chili butter, also from epi. (I get home around 5:30 or 6.) I've recently delved into tofu with pleasing results. Stir fries are also quick for us.

    1. I make big meals, and cauldrons of soup, on the weekends, and the leftovers are our hot meals for the week. Also we like frittatas with leftover veggies, grilled cheese, and quesadillas using leftover meat, they all take about 15 minutes to make, and with a bowl of soup or salad are a complete meal.

        1. Sausage, a starch, and veggie and/or salad is the no-brainer formula at chez Sharuf.

          1. I actually just started using a slow cooker (crock pot), and I'm super happy with the results. Dinner is just waiting for us when we come home. We also do stir frys, burgers, chops and lots of pasta. oh, and the simmer sauces from TJ's are a quick meal too.

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              Can you share any of your crock pot recipes? I like to use one for convenience but seem to do the same kinds of things over & over. Boring...

              1. re: ellaj

                do you ever do ribs in there? I make homemade sauce & pour over ribs- delicious & fall off the bone

                also jerk chicken comes out tasty

                1. re: pamd

                  I have not done ribs, great idea! If you'd like to share your sauce recipe that'd be great. I actually have ribs in the freezer now so maybe we'll have that this week.
                  Jerk chicken sounds wonderful. I've only done that on the grill. Would love to try the crockpot.
                  Thanks for your help.

                  1. re: ellaj

                    you could always just add your favorite bottled BBQ sauce, but I prefer to make a marinade. I estimated the measurements for you-and I tend to use habanero hot sauces.

                    1 c ketchup
                    2 c bbq sauce
                    1⁄2 c brown sugar
                    4 T apple cider vinegar
                    2 tsp oregano
                    2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
                    Dry mustard- few dashes
                    favorite Hot sauce- amount to liking

                    pour over ribs, cook on low 6-8 hours

                    as for the jerk chicken, I cheat & use bottled Walkerswood marinade.

                    1. re: pamd

                      i like to set the ribs on top of a halfed onion and use a dry rub.

                2. re: ellaj

                  I just tried this Rick Bayless crockpot recipe a few weeks ago and it was a hit:
                  I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs.