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Food at Certified Farmer's Markets

I'm not asking about the Farmer's Market at Third and Fairfax. I'm asking about the little once-a-week ones they have all over the Southland.

Everyone keeps telling me that there are some great exhibitors who cook ribs and grill chickens there for you to take home. I haven't seen much of a selection at the Farmer's Markets I've been to.

Which ones have you been to and which have had great take-home prepared food?

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  1. The Tuesday Culver City Farmer's Market although I've never personally bought any food there. The Sunday Hollywood market has good mexican, great sausages and a ton of other offerings.

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      Ditto on the Sunday Hollywood farmer's market. It's our Sunday morning tradition to go to the market and get either the soft tacos or (my favorite) the Thai Papaya Salad (and they'll make it properly spicy for you if you ask). There are so many other venders that look great, but we just love these too much to ever try anything else.

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        The Thai payapa salad at the HFM is much better than at most restaurants in Thai-town. Also like their coconut cakes.

    2. encino on sundays, has hawaiian chick, tamales and a bunch of other things

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        I'm addicted to the Tamale guy, the jack cheese and roasted pepper tamale's are insane with tomatillo sauce. Also the Hawaiian chicken guy's stuff is delicious. Avoid the day-old bagel lady at all cost, they're awful. BTW the Tamale guy has a storefront in San Fernando. I'll look for his card he gave me.

      2. Century City on Thursdays has spit roasted chicken, bacon wrapped hot dogs, tamales, and a few other prepared foods.

        Santa Monica on Wednesdays and Saturdays seems to be notably devoid of prepared foods.

        1. Studio City on Sunday has bacon wrapped hot dogs, Brats, Sausages, tamales, yakitori (by the roast corn stand) crepes w/lots of different fillings altho I don't think you want to take them home, popcorn-plain, caramel.

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            Not to mention the very, very tasty bionicos from the sausage vendor. There's also a variety of Lebanese prepared foods (from Mom's, which is in most LA County markets) and huge pastries from La Spaghettata.

          2. Monday West Hollywood has the rotisserie chicken guy. I haven't tried it but people rave about it and it smells really good.

            1. Thursday evenings in South Pasadena has crepes and pupusas. I've had the pupusas and I think they're pretty good. I don't think they compare well with the pupusas I get in Salvadorean restaurants, but they're pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

              The kettle korn from Ma & Pa's Kettle Korn is really good. They do a steady business, so it's always fresh, which makes a world of a difference.

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                Robin's Barbecue has a stand there as well; one of these days I'm going to have to get there at suppertime just to try one of their sausages. There's also a taco stand set up in front of the little local museum that does a brisk business.

              2. I love the Jamaican chicken curry from the Flava Carribbean stand on Sundays in Hollywood. I want to like the patties (chicken/beef/crab) but they're just not interesting. There's also a Greek stand that sells excellent pita and hummus, different flavors.

                1. You still have a couple of hours to make it to the Tuesday's Culver City Farmer's Market on on Main St. It's small, but I'd say about 1/3 of the vendors are prepared foods. Don't know about rotisserie chickens, but they have lots of other stuff. And Bottle Rock is right there, you can pick up a bottle of wine to go!

                  1. Reporting on places down South...

                    Westchester has the Red Oak BBQ that has a fabulous smell that permeates the whole market. Great ribs, chicken and tri-tip.
                    Also great tamales, frozen or cooked and ready.

                    Manhattan Beach's new market has the Hungry Incan (or some such name) with mouth watering Peruvian food. There is also a booth with fresh lemonade and to order foods. Another smoothie booth boasts all fresh fruits blended into incredible concoctions.

                    Hermosa Beach has the same Peruvian booth. They also have a French lady who makes crepes and a few other hot entree's each week.

                    Torrance's market has TONS of prepared food and a shaded table area to sit and eat.


                    1. OMG!! Get the chicken from the chicken guy! I've seen him at the market on Larchmont on Sunday and West Hollywood on Monday. Here's the deal: the chicken rules (forget the humus and pita bread) and try the potatoes. Now sometimes, the potatoes need salt but he roasts them under the chickens and I highly suggest taking them home and mashing them. They also have whole roasted garlic and large chunks of onion--mash it all together

                      As for the chicken, it makes the best soup ever. Clean off the meat and throw the whole carcass in a large stock pot. Add one big carrot, 2 stalks celery, handful whole peppercorns, a couple of whole cloves, half an onion. Sometimes i sautee the veggies (still whole) and deglaze with vermouth then add the chicken parts and lots of water. My stock pot is extra large, so i probably add 2 gallons water and cook down to half. This will make your house smell so good on a Sunday. From there, strain it and make whatever soup you want. Last weekend I took the roasted potaotes, cut them smaller, and added them to the soup with the shredded chicken meat, sliced carrot, celery, Fra' Mani cooked sausage and a jar of Radici of Tuscany beans. I poured that over toasted bread and topped it with good extra virgin olive oil and grated parm.

                      I've also just made the stock and used it for risotto later in the week. It's easy. Try it. :)

                      1. Most Farmers Markets that I've been to have a roasted corn booth. This is usually really good. I don't know the name of these vendors, but every time I've tried them, they were done perfectly and tasted great. On the cob, hot, maybe even a little blackened here and there from the roasting.