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Looking for chicken salad

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Deli source mainly I suppose, anywhere in the county. Oddly enough Smart and Final used to sell a pretty good commercial pre-packaged CS but unfortunately discontinued it, and so the search begins.

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  1. I think that Julienne in San Marino has great chicken salad (they have a little bakery/to go place next to the restaurant.) I don't know the exact address but it's on Mission just east of Los Robles.

    1. Vallarta Markets have a really good chicken salad.

      1. I have seen it in the deli counter at Whole foods in a few different varities such as curried, etc

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          My WF (Pasadena) has curried chicken salad at the deli (very good, btw - not spicy & great flavor) and prepackaged regular chicken salad in the cold case (not as good as the curried version, IMO).

          I recall having really good chicken salad at Old World Deli (West Covina).

          1. Gelson's has a great curried chicken salad.

            1. Franks has some great chicken salads including one made with cashews and cranberries. They have take-out salads and sell salad by the pound ($6.99?) at the deli counter. I'd call ahead to make sure they have what you want as they run out of stuff from time to time.
              You can grab a scoop of Dr. Bob's ice cream while you're there. In fact they pack a full half-pint for $2.49 which is about twice as much actual ice cream as you get for that price at 31 flavors. Fresh scooped pints are actually a bit cheaper than the machine-packed pints of Dr. Bobs at Gelsons.


              1. Coral Tree Cafe at the Century City Mall and in Brentwood has a yummy Curry Chicken Salad. Whole Food's Market Sonoma Chicken Salad is good too. A bit on the pricey side, but the chicken in in the salad it pretty healthy. Unless you are talking about "Chicken Salad" the type where there is strips of chicken with lettuce (salad) then Feast of the East has the best Chinese Chicken Salad IMHO.