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Oct 17, 2006 06:59 AM


Looking for a Portugese or Macao restaurant in L.A, anywhere from Hollywood to Santa Monica. Also, the south San Fernando Valley.


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  1. I think the best you'll be able to do is the Portugese bakery in Sherman Oaks. It has a number of savory, traditional items.

    It's called NATA'S PASTRIES, at 13317 VENTURA BLVD.

    1. There is NO Portuguese restaurant in the area you requested. The closest is at the very far end of L.A. County in Claremont; get on the 210 and go east:

      The next closest is in San Diego:

      1. Natas Pastries
        13317 Ventura Blvd. # D
        Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
        (818) 788-8050

        The natas are very good. They also have sandwiches on Portuguese bread and a handful of hot appetizers (bachalau cakes, croquettes).

        Portazil Pastry,
        18159 S. Pioneer Blvd., Artesia
        (562) 865-1141

        Mostly a deli, but with some hot items and some imports.

        Euro Café
        546 East Baseline
        (909) 621-4666

        I haven't been, but I hear they have a rotating menu with 1-2 Portuguese dishes each day.

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          Looks like you & I posted at the same time. There is always the Portuguese center in Artesia which puts on special events where food can be had. Halloween anyone?

        2. Don't forget Macau Street in Monterey Park, primarily Hong Kong food but some Macau dishes. See Jonathon Gold's review.

          1. I just went to Euro Cafe for the first time last weekend. Unfortunately, we were on our way to a bbq, so didn't really get to eat much. I had a massalada (Portuguese doughnut - basically fried dough slathered in sugar) and a masssa sovada, which my friend said was a lot like King's Hawaiian bread. Apparently there's some Portuguese-Hawaiian connection, because I've heard they have massaladas in Hawaii too. Anyway, the ones at Euro were nice, not so special - but then, it was noon, a bit late for breakfast. I got some caldo verde to go - potato soup with kale and linguica. It was also tasty, but not amazing. I'm not exactly in a rush to go back, but I would definitely try it for dinner if I were in the area. But note that the ambience is more like a cafe (and I mean Starbucks) than a restaurant.

            Oh, Euro's website says they can get Portuguese imported products as well... could be a good source for that.