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Oct 17, 2006 05:13 AM

Nice experience at The Minotaure, the tapas place in Playa del Rey

This restaurant is destined to become a favorite of mine, I think, in an area where there aren't a lot of great dining options. And it's open till midnight 7 days a week! :O

I visited there for the second time and had:

Main course:
- Scrumptious seafood paella (rich, tasty, moist)
- Really good chorizo and red pepper
- Perfectly cooked jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon
- Comfort food 'homemade' bread pudding w/dark chocolate drizzle (foisted on us free by a kind hostess after we complimented the paella... I think this is the only bread pudding I've ever liked, actually)
... and the garlic butter they serve with the bread is really nice

They have lots of other cold and hot tapas - though I expect I'll always order the chorizo and seafood paella from here on - which gives me the option of approximately one new small dish to try next time.

My dining partner and I got one order of each of the above and split them, and that was a filling, not overly large dinner.

Went on a Sunday night and they had a nice airflow going through the place - front door and back door open and perfect weather for it. The place has beautiful lighting - it's low but the bar area and walls are a gorgeous vivid blue-ish red and the bar's covered with a gigantic pouf of red ostrich feathers. It's kind of like 'casino lighting' - very very pretty.

Service was great and gracious.

I think the wine list was decent too.

Minotaure <-- pics there as well as menu
333 Culver Blvd
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
(310) 306-6050

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  1. I was just wanting to find a tapas place in LA and this just happens to be right nearby! Thanks, Cinnamon--we'll let you know how we like it!

    1. Can they accomodate a party of 20+ ?

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      1. re: goodetime

        I think that would mean booking not quite the whole place... they do have tables they could move a bit. Worth asking - hopefully they'd be pretty accommodating.

      2. Maybe you could have a party- if you call ahead and have them reserve the restaurant for you. Otherwise, don't. It's kind of a bad set up though, because the bar is mostly in the aisle to and from the kitchen. So, unless you are sitting (i.e. no standing and chatting) you're in the way of the servers. Also, if there is live music (which was fun spanish guitar the night I was there); the musicians sit at then end of the bar -- crowding the bar even further.

        Overall, food is similar butl ower quality than Meditrino in HB. Wine is expensive for a limited, relatively unexciting selection. Try Chakra in MB maybe for a party? Or Baja Cantina?