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Oct 17, 2006 04:44 AM

How, when and why (if) you started drinking your coffee black

Okay, I'm 24. While this is not young, I have had at least 8 years of coffee drinking in my life. I still drink it with cream and sweetener. For some reason, I think of this as an anti-chowish tendancy. I want to get rid of the sugar, and maybe the cream.

How, when and why did you stop drinking sweet creamy coffee? If you still drink it the way I do, does it bother you, or am I just crazy?


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  1. I was a new mother, needed lots of strong serious caf. Putting cream in it only meant that it would cool too quickly before I could get back to it after tending to Little HB. Oh...that, and the day my DH took a sip of my coffee, said, 'bleh!! why don't you drink it black??'
    Huh? Never thought of it.
    And so it began.
    Not particularly chow-ish, but true nonetheless.

    1. Peer pressure. When I started out on the railroad, an older guy (who I looked up to) looked at me as if I was an idiot when I asked for milk & sugar for my coffee. "Whatsa matter, dontcha like coffee?"

      So for a while there, I drank black coffee. But it tastes gross to me, so I got back to tarting it up pretty soon.

      I say, drink it the way you like it, no matter what crusty old men or chowhounds or whoever else think!

      1. I still put a little sugar in it, but I've been drinking it black since I was shortly out of college. I had a number of frustrating experiences with wanting coffee, but having no milk on hand (or spoiled milk), and then having to go buy milk or have no coffee. Therefore, I trained myself to drink it black, so I wouldn't have this problem again. Sugar isn't an issue, since it's easier to keep that on hand. Now I occasionally use milk if I'm in the mood, or if the coffee is hot and I want to cool it down quickly, but that's the exception.

        This is completely contrary to the way my mom drinks coffee, by the way, with no sugar and lots of milk.

        1. I started drinking my coffee black when I could afford good coffee. I found that if you want to start drinking it black find a mild, soft coffee that isn't too dominant in any one direction. Any good coffee roaster can help guide you in making that choice. I like drinking it black now. Coffee can be really expressive and interesting, and the cream/ sugar just muddies it. But if I ever have to go back to the 8 o'clock cr*p I'll definitely be buying some milk with it.

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          1. re: robdsteele

            This is similar to what I was going to say-- try drinking really good coffee, find some beans you really like. Experiment. Then you may be happy to drink it black. Perhaps mild is the best way to start, but what I really like is making a regular cup of coffee with a very dark bean-- Italian roast for example. In any case, try a bunch of different beans to see if there is one you really like black! Nothing wrong with using sugar and cream, but I hate to think how much I would weigh if I did this, considering how much coffee I drink. And I wouldn't use the chemical substitutes to avoid the calories either, blech.

            1. re: Anne H

              Agreed. Started drinking black when I was in my mid twenties and exposed to good coffee. Although, I think even if I had been exposed to good coffee prior, I might not have liked it. I was stuck in a collegiate lucky charms for dinner, everything sweet kinda thing.

              1. re: Anne H

                same here.
                started drinking it black when i was exposed to the coffee served at the original peets in berkeley in the late 1960's.
                it tasted better black than any coffee i had ever tasted before.
                changed my entire attitude toward coffee

                1. re: westsidegal

                  Ah, Vine Street Peet's. I always drink my Peet's with milk. But I had an experience similar to what you describe with Blue Bottle Coffee.

            2. I drink it with milk in the morning, but no sugar. In the afternoon I take it black. Milk is more morning/breakfasty for me, and afternoons and evening the black coffee settles the stomach nicely.
              Adding milk doesnt mask/ruin good coffee. Just use some nice full cream milk, and brew your coffee strong enough to taste it but so strong, that you only taste bitter flavour.