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Oct 17, 2006 04:27 AM

Tart apple cider?

A recent post on apple farms and cider reminded me that I've been missing the fresh cider I used to get at ye olde Pine Tree Apple Orchards back in Minnesota. All of the fresh ciders I've tasted here in California have been too sweet for my taste. Maybe it's that California climate or maybe it's local preference. But I long for the tart, zingy apple cider of my youth. Fresh, unfiltered, unpasteurised, and zippy. Any recommendations?

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  1. Sebastopol is know for Cider. Not sure when they are having the Apple Fair but there should be locally made pressed unfiltered ciders available from Sebastopol makers also in market. Sebastopol if you are unfamiliar is about 45-hour north of SF. I also like this style of juice and used to find it in the refrigerated section at Andronico's or Whole Foods. Good luck!

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      This year's Sebastopol apple festival has come and gone. I'm not great with the passage of time but I think it was in Sept.

    2. What about Hard Cider? The Apple Farm (booth at Ferry plaza on Sat) has a pretty tart and dry hard cider, not sweet at all. It's organic and unfiltered. I love the stuff because it is very different than any commercial cider I've come across.

      Their regular cider is the sweeter kind, so not what you are looking for.

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        I'm not a fan of hard ciders, but I'll pass the info on to friends who are, thanks. I probably should have said that I'm looking for a sweet-tart cider. I want SOME sweetness, but I'm looking for a good acid balance. I'm sure it mostly has to do with what apples they choose to press for the juice.

        I prefer tarter apples for eating out of hand too, like Winesap, Black Twig, Arkansas Black, Haralson, Braeburns (but not those nasty underripe Granny Smiths). I can only guess that the apple orchard of my youth used more tart apples in their cider press.

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          It also depends on the point in the season... early on the cider has more tartness and later will be sweeter.

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            The cider that the Apple Farm sells at the farm in Philo is quite good. I don't believe they sell it at Ferry Plaza because it isn't pasteurized. They sell juice and the hard cider. You do have to go to Philo to get it though.

            1. re: wally

              They sell it at Ferry Plaza, I've bought it there many times.
              I'm biased, I took a cooking class at The Farm and love the place.

        2. The Apple Farm sometimes has varietal juice. Some might be tart. They definitely grow some tart varieties.

          Sebastopol's mostly Gravensteins, which are pretty sweet.

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            Varietal juices? Excellent! I'll check it out. (Although not, alas, this Saturday.)