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Oct 17, 2006 03:16 AM

Ginza Hibachi Park Slope

Had dinner @ Ginza tonight on 2nd and 5th. Ordered the Filet Mignon, Tuna & Lobster hibachi. Unlike other hibachi places, they didnt overdo it with the sauces so that you are not eating teriyaki sauce. That's a good thing.

The fried rice with the hibachi was outstanding. I would go back. They dont have a liquor license yet.

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  1. Did Ginza do the Beni-hana thing of knife tricks show or was the food brought out from the kitchen ?

    1. There was a knife tricks show.

      1. Looking for a ridiculous dinner tonight- I think Ginza fits the bill.
        Has anyone else been recently and have a report?

        1. Their takeout menu is hilarious!

          1. Where is this located?