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HELP! Souffle (Savory or Sweet) in LA or NYC

Just got a craving for one of life's greatest pleasures--really excellent souffle--cheese, chocolate, whatever!

Any recs?

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  1. A quick search on this board will help you create an extensive list. But, to help you start off --

    Big souffles:
    Hotel Bel Air (Bel air souffle)
    Arroyo Chophouse (recommend the Grand Marnier one)

    Smaller, decadent souffles:
    Grand Lux Cafe
    Marmalade Cafe

    1. Bistro Garden in the Valley - traditional chocolate
      Off Vine in Hollywood

      1. Tam O'Shanter on Los Feliz Boulevard has a different desert souffle everyday.


          1. Bistro de l'Hermitage, a casual French in Culver City, often has a really lovely, deep, not overdone chocolate souffle as a special frequently - you have to let them know before the meal that it's what you'll be wanting as a dessert because, you know, it takes time to make. Lovely restaurant, not overly fussy, outdoor patio on a broad, pretty sidewalk, the kind of place you could go with a date, your mom or alone.

            Start here for the pics:

            Then go here for the menu:

            9727 Culver Boulevard
            Culver City, CA 90232
            Phone: (310) 815-8222
            Fax: (310) 815-1221

            1. Not sure if you are going to be in the Orange County area, but Mr. Stox in Anaheim has wonderful sweet souffles. They actually pour a warm sauce over the souffle just before presenting it to you... a light raspberry liquid over the raspberry souffle and a rich fudge sauce over the chocolate souffle. Both are served with real, fresh whipped cream. Haven't tried the Grand Marnier.

              Also, the souffles at Off Vine in Hollywood are really good. A couple years ago they had a pumpkin souffle during the fall. However, its hard for me to order any dessert other than the banana cream pie there...

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                Someone told me that if you go to Off Vine, just go for dessert. Apparently the apps and main dishes there are pretty bad!

                1. re: Liquid Sky

                  I would disagree. I've always had fine meals at Off Vine. I would not say that the dishes are mind-blowing masterpieces, but they are very capably cooked and presented. The desserts are excellent, but I don't think they are the only reason to go.

              2. Moustache Cafe (if it is still in Westwood). Just go for souffle, and skip the dinner.

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                  Sadly, the Moustache Cafe in Westwood Village has been gone about a year now and is being replaced by "Sushi Go-Round". I peered thru their window last week, and yes they're building a round conveyor belt contraption. I await their opening with NO enthusiasm or expectations of anything noteworthy.

                2. I gotta second the Tam O'Shanter. I lived a few blocks away years ago and the chocolate souffle was one of the best desserts I've ever had.

                  1. Don't know about LA but my FAVORITE place to get a souffle in new york city is at Jean Georges for lunch. At LEAST a day in advance you have to call to pre order one but you can order ANY flavor you want. The pastry chef makes them all himself and as long as they can get the ingredients he can make it.

                    He makes the best souffle i've ever had.