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Oct 17, 2006 02:32 AM

rec's on what to have at Keens

Going to Keens in a couple of weeks with my son. Any favorite cuts of meat to have or anything in general to have there. what are your thoughts?

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  1. I recently had the porterhouse, and it was excellent. My wife had a filet and thought the same. I've liked the lamb chops but was not fond of the mutton chop. We went while they were not serving spinach, because of the e.coli scare, and had sauteed escarole or something like it, which was very good. Order a good single malt, or preferably a cask strength whiskey, and an apple crumb.

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    1. re: Captain

      Second the lamb chops, they are excellent.

      1. re: Captain

        Can somebody describe the mutton chop as compared to lamb chops?! Is it more like 1 big thick chop? I love lamb chops (like them split) and am not sure if I'd like the mutton chop.

        1. re: julesj66

          The mutton chop is one huge chop. It is essentially the porterhouse cut of an older lamb, maybe a sheep at that point. Roughly 2 inches thick and half the size of the plate with a big bone in the middle.

          1. re: ESNY

            Just for the record, the Keens mutton chop is not mutton. They stopped serving mutton a long time ago. It's just a big lamb chop.

            Get the steak. The burger is good too, but that may be lunchtime only.

      2. As an alternative, the bacon cheeseburger there is fantastic