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Oct 17, 2006 01:22 AM

The Black Dog coming to Portland

I saw the sign up for this next to Mim's on Commercial Street. I thought it was just a clothing store but looking it up online changed that real quick.

I tried to figure out exactly what it is. I looked at the website for the one on Cape Cod and see it is a restaurant. Then another thread on here said that they also have other bakery stores that are under the Black Dog umbrella. I think and hope it is a restaurant too. I would love a new breakfast place, and even though I live 100ft from Becky's, I would rather eat somewhere where the cooks don't look like they dove into a pile of egg remains on the muddy floor. I know there is a member here who mentions them at every chance, so I don't mean to offend him. It's just that I can think of a hundred other places I would send someone first. Especially for a lunch.

Any comment on The Black Dog in general? Or is it just hype like some other sites have said.

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