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Oct 17, 2006 01:14 AM

need recs delray beach area

I will be visiting in mid-november from L.A. and wonder what's new and good. In the past have been to 32 East, City Oyster, Calypso, 5th Ave Grill and Sundy House. Looking for both upscale dining and inexpensive "joints", ethnic cafes, etc. Thanks.

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  1. Try New York Prime,and Trimonte both are upscale

    1. New York Prime is in Boca and IMO Abe and Louie's is better. That said, in Delray Dolce Amore Cafe is wonderful!!!! Their website is

      1. As the weather cools down a bit, a fun place in Delray is Dada's -- about a block north of Atlantic on Swinton.

        The restaurant is located in what appears to be a 1920s house, with seating both inside and out (we've always eaten outside).

        The wait staff looks like that just arrived from a heavy metal concert, but they are attentive and knowledgeable.

        I've been there three times and have had the sesame-encrusted seared tuna each visit. Other in the parties have had a variety of dishes and pronounced them superb (even the vegetarian). Good variety of mixed drinks and beers, too.

        Very funky, fun and unique.

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          we also love dada, but for drinks and music, have never eaten there. also love the cuban restaurant, just over atlantic ave bridge (not beach side) great food! always love 32 east!

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            I like Dada, especially sitting outside on a cool night. I've always thought of it as a moderately-priced, training-wheels version of a 32 East or Sundy House for the indie-rock set. The food's fine, but nothing to get excited about IMO. Swell atmosphere, though,

            I did once have a startlingly good creme brulee there.

          2. I would second the rex for Traimonte and Dada. For cheap eats (inexpensive joints), you could grab a bite at Docs at the western end of Atlantic Ave. As for Sundy House, fyi, they just got rid of their chef, so the jury is out on how the food will be. The Cuban restaurant the OP mentioned above is Cabana which is also good.

            1. For an inexpensive place try Mrs Chris,a soul food place on Atlantic just east of 95 ,south side of the street. For upscale ,take a shot at Shore on A1A and Atlantic, right across from the beach. Nice interior, o.k. service, good food and on a nice night with the open front, just a really pleasnt place.