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Oct 17, 2006 01:08 AM

One dinner in Williamsburg

We are heading to Wmsburg the end of this week with another couple and are looking for a nice restaurant for dinner. It doesn't have to be pricey...just good food. Please eliminate the Fat Canary, Trellis, A Carroll and Blue Talon from your suggestions--been there, done that. I should mention that one in our party suffers from celiac disease, so unless an Italian restaurant as several entrees other than pasta and without breading, eliminate those suggestions, too. WOW! I sound bossy! I don't mean to, I just would like something different. Any thoughts on Center Street Grill or Backfin? We're never tried those places.


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  1. What about Le Yaca in the Kingsmill Shoppes? It's a (pricey) French restaurant. We had a lovely dinner there last winter.

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      Unfortunately my husband is a picky eater and French food isn't at the top of his list. Any other suggestions?

    2. Are you implying that Blue Talon is not good? Just curious because my wife and I are meeting some relatives there this weekend and had decided on eating there. I understand that, as with most places discussed here, you can get 5 stories from 5 people but it seemed to be a rather safe bet and a good middle ground for one couple who's very much into food (us) and one couple who may not be as much (them). Should I be rethinking my choice?

      On another thought, we're still looking for a good b-fast spot. No buffets please.

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        Not implying Blue Talon is bad at all...I just want some place different.

      2. I'm not the OP, but I didn't think Blue Talon was good, at least not as good as the hype. I don't even remember what I had, but I do remember that the service was SLOW.

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          Headed down that way to pick up our dog last year - and celebrated our last night of puppy-free freedom with dinner at Blue Talon - also recall having slow service there, but otherwise enjoying the meal - I also recall feeling as if there weren't too many choices in the area, though it seemed to have improved in 2005 over 2001.