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Oct 17, 2006 12:51 AM

How is Umanoff & Parsons?

I've heard of this place, but is it worth a trip downtown? And what is good there?

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  1. I know they supply the pies to Peter Lugar's steakhouses and if you've ever had the pecan pie there with the "schlag" you know that U&P makes good stuff!

    I knew U&P when they were wholesale only. Did they open a cafe of some sort?

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    1. re: grapenehi

      Not a cafe but a small retail counter, last time I was there. Sometime last year I got a very good berry pie there, loaded with good fresh fruit and not too sweet. I seem to recall they were even open early in the day on Thanksgiving.

    2. I LOVE the fruit pies at Umanoff & Parsons!

      The 3 berry pie and Strawberry Rhubard are incredible!

      1. their cakes/pies are awesome, yet atkins non compliant

        1. I had their chocolate layer cake. It was like four thin tiers with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate glaze and chocolate curls. Very tasty.

          1. Can someone tell me where this retail counter is located? Is it at their bakery in Tribeca on Greenwich?

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