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Oct 17, 2006 12:51 AM

silicon spatulas

My spatulas have pretty much all died and need to be replaced - Id like to try some of the new silicon ones, but they all seem to be pricy, in garish colors and often with metal handles.

Like they are a fashion accessory rather than a basic tool.

Can anyone suggest a source for reasonably priced silicon spatulas in various sizes and without this color thing?


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  1. Honestly, I love my silicon spatulas from Dollar Tree. They come in plain colors (blue, white, grey, red), claim to be heat safe up to 600 degrees (and haven't melted so far), but have plastic handles and come in only one size.

    I see sets of Kitchenaid ones with wooden handles for about $10 for a three pack at discount stores like Marshalls and Tuesday Morning on a regular basis.

    1. Yes, they're pricey. And yes, they come in garish colors. I've been shopping for them recently and haven't found any that aren't both. Every once in a while had a deal on a set of them, but I don't want to pay twice as much for three when I want only one.

      I think they're terrific. I find myself using them in ways I wouldn't use a regular rubber spatula, deglazing a pan for instance. FWIW, Alton Brown in I'm Just Here for the Food recommends the Rubbermaid. But even at Zabar's it's about $12 and only comes in red.

      1. My favorite silicon spatula is one distributed by GSI Outdoors and sold in camping shops for about $5.

        The problem that I've had with a number of spatulas is that the handle comes off. That is especially true of wood handles. This GSI one has a secure long wire loop handle. The rubber shows no sign of abuse. Well, a crow did peck at one, but a bit of knife work restored a smooth edge. The blade is a nice combination of spatual and shallow spoon.

        I also have a Pyrex one with a secure clear plastic handle, but the blade has a lot of notches.


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          creative idea! Are there any other camping products that you highly recommend for chowhounds?

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            GSI has some other useful items. For example they have set of hard anodized aluminum dutch ovens. The 10" size does not have legs, so works equally well on the stove top and oven. I bought it as a lighter weight alternative to a 8" Lodge cast iron oven, but have ended up using it as much in the kitchen as outside.

            They have lexan hand coffee grinder. While it is a little hard to find a way of holding the round fly saucer shape, it grinds surprisingly fast and uniform. GSI and others make all sorts of coffee makers, both drip and French Press style. There are even adapters to turn your Nalgene drinking bottle into a press.

            Years ago I got some small spoon size nylon spatulas that were made in West Germany. GSI now markets a copy, replacing the pot metal handle with plastic.

            From England there's a line of folding flat tableware - plates, bowls and cups - Orikaso. These first appeared in the USA in outdoor shops like REI. But not too long ago The Splendid Table (PBS food show) had an interview with the inventor.


            1. re: paulj

              We have the lexan french press with a neoprene foam insulating sleeve, virtually indestructible and keeps the coffee nice and hot. The screen failed after about a year, we emailed GSI and they sent us a new one gratis.

          2. re: paulj

            Got the GSI spoon/spatula. Love it! It's very light weight. Others, such as the KitchenAid brand are much larger and bulkier.

            So how do I know when my pan is 575 degrees and I shouldn't use this spatula?

            1. re: elise h

              If your oven temp isn't higher than 575 degrees, then the baking pan will not be hotter than that. For stove top, unless you're heating something that's almost all oil or in a dry pan, your water-based liquids won't get much hotter (if that) than boiling temperature.

            2. re: paulj

              I take my handle off every time I wash it. Bacteria frat house, if you dont. But it shouldn't slip off. I get mine at Williams Sonoma, lifetime warranty. You pay more, but they will give you new ones after they wear out in 2 years, but they last longer since they are made well. Im always end up getting something else so no guilt here.

            3. I swear by the Rubbermaid commercial silicone spatulas, they are easily identified because they have a large red handle.

              I buy 2nd from a Rubbermaid store at 2 for $5.00

              1. Target sells silicone spatulas for $1.49 and hybrid spoon/spatulas for $2.49 -- but both come in garish colors and have plastic handles.

                I've seen reasonably priced silicon spatulas at Ross Stores, Marshall's and TJ Maxx.