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Oct 17, 2006 12:38 AM

What is your favorite restaurant in Santa Fe?

Yes - ok - the boards list a lot - so do the guide books - I live in Charleston SC -- I know that I wouldn't take my dog to 50% of the restaurants they recommend. There are also a few AMAZING restaurants. I used this board when we went to San Francisco & Napa & had some truly memorable meals. I just really want to know (from people who care about great food) -- tonight is your last night in Santa Fe -- where are you going to eat? Thanks.

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    1. Geronimo on Canyon Road, no doubt about it. The Compound across the street, Fuego at the La Posada Hotel, Santacafe. in order.

      1. Many will say Geronimo and there is nothing "wrong" with it save their outrageous wine pricing; a wonderful location, wonderful rooms and service with truly excellent food.

        That said, the restaurant at the Inn of the Anasazi, just off the Plaza is now the very best in Santa Fe. Martin Rios, previously the much regarded chef at The Old House in the Eldorado Hotel is now in charge. Popular opinion and comments will, in time, catch up.

        My personal favorite is, depending upon the day, is either SantaCafe or Ristra.

        The differences among these four and among The Compound and Fuego are minimal. All are excellent and all should please.

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          I was last in SF about a week before Rios moved to the Anasazi. I loved his food at the Old House (but not the room so much). Anasazi will be my first stop next trip.

          1. re: bhoward

            My feelings exactly. I loved his food and quite disliked the place. Foolish I know for we're not there to "eat" the ambience. Still...

        2. We had the 7 course Lobster Extravaganza at Fuego two weeks ago. It was a terrific, creative, three and a half hour dining experience with an amazing cheese selection. They also have a four course tasting menu with kobe beef, diver scallops (I tasted both they were also really good).

          I like Geronimo alot, but the experience at Fuego was an incredible evening of food and conversation.