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Oct 17, 2006 12:35 AM

Fort Lauderdale Markets

We're going to be in FLL from Boston next month. We will be renting a place between the Ocean and the ICW and between the Sheraton Clipper and Trader..that short stretch.

I have a few restaurants I Brailian BBQ I've ever had, Taverna Opa (loud but ok if we go early), Bahia Cabana casual..

This trip we'll have a kitchen and grill and would be interested in hi quality markets..mostly looking for fresh, local seafood but any suggestions are welcome. We just don't want to eat out every meal and we do enjoy cooking.

No car, but we can walk, rent bikes, water taxi or cab.

Any ideas are appreciated.


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  1. A new Publics Market opened in back of Embassey Suites off of the 17th Street Causway. The fish there seems to be very fresh and priced well.I went to Mr Fish off the intercoastal really expensive felt ripped off.

    1. Thanks.

      I know where that is. Looks very accessible Long walk, easy bike ride, or water taxi to Pier 66..short home..:)