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Oct 17, 2006 12:22 AM

Great dining in Columbia, SC??

We'll celebrate our wedding anniversary on Oct. 21 in Columbia, SC. Where can we find GREAT food in a comfortable, quiet environment?
We've never visited Columbia before--

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  1. Where will you be staying? Is distance an issue? What kinds of food do you enjoy?

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    1. re: SweetPea

      We're attending a bridge tournament at the Radisson Hotel.

      Thanks, all,for the info.

      P. Westra

      1. re: Polly Westra

        I would suggest reservations. Good luck in the tournament. My mother was a life master; so is my aunt.

    2. Without the benefit of details SweetPea requested, here are my thoughts. For what they're worth.

      Al's Upstairs Italian has a great view of the Columbia skyline and is touted as having good food in a romantic atmosphere. I HAVE NOT been there. Just seems like a good possibility. West Columbia.

      Hampton Street Vineyard downtown has fine food and wine but has a tendancy to be noisy unless you can be seated in the back room.

      Hennessy's just around the corner is a solid dinner destination.

      Nice little spot on Gervais Street is the Back Porch. Adjoins Haven's Gallery across from the Clarion Townhouse.

      Down the street is Motor Supply. Ignore the name; excellent food, atmosphere, and service. Would be my number one choice.

      Hope you enjoy your visit to our town!

      1. I complete agreement to your recs Ellen, I'll throw in my 2 cents woth too

        Terra (near Al's Upstairs), for nicely prepared food with a focus on local produce but slow service

        Mr. Friendly's in Five Points or it's sister Soltice in NE Columbia - I have not been there - NE area is pretty far fom me.

        Inakaya on St. Andrews Rd. for sushi, etc.

        A nod to Al's - I haven't been in a while because one of the things I dearly loved, the lobster bisque soup had the recipe tweaked to include too much salt, and when he wouldn't attend to that well, I lost interest. But a seat on the indoor porch at night is really quite nice.

        Tombo on Forest Dr. - I think may be the quietest and possibly the most expensive.

        That covers pretty much territory wherever you may be staying.

        1. Based on your request for comfortable and quiet I would suggest Hennessey's. Can't say anywhere in Columbia has truly GREAT food but I've had very good food there. I've been to Al's only twice and while a seat in the room overlooking the river is nice, I've found the food to be bland and somewhat pre-fab. Motor Supply can be good but is rather cramped and noisy as a result of the acoustics.

          Hennessy's Restaurant
          1649 Main Street
          (803) 799-8280
          Reservations suggested

          1. Polly Westra,

            Can't wait to hear where you dined and how you liked it. Please favor us with a review.