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Oct 17, 2006 12:11 AM

Emeryville: Anyone know when the new Cocina Poblana is opening?

I've been convinced for the last 8 months that Cocina Poblana on 65th and Hollis would open "any day now". It's still not opened. Has anyone heard when the restaurant might actually be open for business? I'm really looking forward to having decent food to eat at lunch on days when I don't have time to bring it from home.

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  1. Is it near the place where Andronico's failed?

    1. I drove by the other day and saw people inside..
      it looked like they were open..

      can't wait to try it.

      1. Just drove by today and there is a sign in the window - "now open for breakfast."

        post on sf location:

        any reports?

        1. It is open and I have eaten there twice -- once lunch and once dinner. At lunch it is a casual set up: order at the counter, burritos and tacos on the menu. At dinner more formal: table service, fancier plates. They are still working out some kinks -- one night we got take out and the food was ready before they could figure out how to run my credit card. But all very yummy. I had a shrimp burrito for lunch and chicken with pumpkin seed sauce for dinner.

          1. We were there for dinner last night and the food was very good. I had the chicken with mushroom/spinach sauce over a rice that I think had cilantro in it. This was very good. My husband had chicken with punpkin seeds and he said his was very good. Also had the quesidillas for appetizers and these were also good. Definitely worth going back.