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Oct 17, 2006 12:11 AM

What is hollerblüten syrup?

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A German friend recently brought me back a bottle of hollerblüten syrup. She doesn't know what hollerblüten is, but I'm deducing it is a flower of some sort (I did a search, and though all the results were in German, the word lindenblüten came up along with it. Linden blossom I know--famous as Proust's tisane with his madeleine.) Anybody know?

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  1. I think it's elderflower syrup, also known as hollunderbluten or holunderbluten. I think the "holler" is a Bavarian version of the word -- there's a Bavarian recipe for elderflower fritters called Hollerkuchln.

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      What is the taste? Is it floral? How do you use the syrup?

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        The flavor of elderflowers is floral, but not harshly so. It's also a bit fruity. Its aroma is exactly that of lychees, plus some floral notes, and there's a bit of lychee in its flavor. I'd never tasted (or smelled) it before I bought a bottle of elderflower syrup, and this really surprised me. I like it mixed with seltzer water as a refreshing and different drink.

    2. The taste is floral. Very sweet, of course. I'm trying to invent a dessert to utilize it, so if you have a recipe for the elderflower fritters, I'd love to have it! I'm guessing I'll need a fruit to go with it, but not sure whether citrus or more of a pear flavor, or even peach would go best. Any advice appreciated.

      1. IN Austria, they use hollunderbluten syrup to make a refreshingly light beverage---add either still or fizzy mineral water to the syrup.