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Oct 16, 2006 11:57 PM

best bagel in boston?

iggys seem best. get them at whole foods. kupels leaves me cold. any ideas?

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  1. I like Kupels' best, but they wouldn't be good in NYC imo. Bagel Rising is decent. I think Iggys' are interesting but too hard. Finagle a Bagel's bagels have OK flavor but the texture is far too bready. To be honest, I think Bruegger's is my second favorite.

    All in all, bagels are a Boston weak point imo.

    1. It's heresy if you insist on a New York style bagel, but I like Brueger's in a pinch too. That said, I'm no bagel expert so don't shoot me.

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        Iggy's bagels are not quite right.

        Bruegger's more traditional bagels are actually reasonably good, especially the pumpernickel, which is often (not always -- it varies) a thing of beauty.

        Rosenfelds in Newton Centre wins the local laurels. My personal favorite, because it is a bit closer to me, is Bagel World in Reading, which has a drive-through (the place can be a madhouse with teenagers on weekend mornings). Love their salt bagels (offering a salt bagel is an important flag for traditional bagels....)

        It's very important to use malt, as that makes for slow rise and tight texture. Bagels should not be huge and airy. Nor should they remain "fresh" very long. Finagle a Bagel is a great example of a non-bagel bagel.

        New York bagels, like NY pizza, have been on a decline for a generation. Much dough for both is outsourced to wholesalers.

        1. re: Karl S

          I stopped in Rosenfeld's on Sun. when they had about 8 bagels left, bummed I couldn't get my potato. They most had sunflower left so I got that w/ light scallion cream cheese, a damn tasty bagel.

          1. re: Joanie

            Damn, its the same in 2014 as it was in 2006!

            Nothing left at 0900 on sunday morning, ( really? 8 grain and whole wheat, blech ) they are, of course, closed from 1300 on sunday until 0700 on wednesday, thats a not a bad gig.

            still the best around while they are fresh. freeze them early.

        2. re: yumyum

          I also like Rosenfelds and go there as it is close by. I think my favorite is caraway seed. They do sell out, people wait while the next batch of bagels are baking.

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          1. Michael's Deli in Brookline brings in the good stuff.

            1. there is a place I have been to in Newton Center that is great. I love their pumpernickel bagels...unfortunately I forget the name but most people know what it is

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              1. re: bitsubeats

                You're probably thinking of Rosenfeld's. They are quite good.