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Oct 16, 2006 11:52 PM

Best Sake selection in NYC?

Where should I take my Sake freak friend from California?
Doesn't have to be very Japanesey izakaya type place (because there are so many that kind of place in CA too).
I'm looking for some very stylish. New Yorkish restaurants or bars with serious selections of Sake.
Please help!

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  1. Blue Ribbon Sushi in soho.

    1. Sakagura (sake and food) and Decibel (sake bar).

      1. gotta be ...

        #1 Sakagura
        #2 Chibi's

        1. Nothing touches Sakagura.
          The absolute standard in NYC.

          If you want "stylish", then I suggest the bar at En Brasserie.
          A small, but well curated selection of sake, by someone
          who knows what they are doing. But personally, I'd go
          to Sakagura.

          Blue Ribbon has a good selection to go with your food,
          but not impessive enough to warrant a trip for sake.

          Chibi's is very generic, lovely nieghborhood spot,
          but not for sake lovers.


          1. Fully agree with Sakagura, but if you are in the mood for giganto-downtown, Matsuri (in the Maritime) has a nice list with sake sommelier on hand.