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Oct 16, 2006 11:40 PM

looking for good coffeeshops

So many times I am in an unfamiliar neighborhood and want to stop for a good cup of joe. So, in this land of *$ and DunkinDonuts, where are the good coffee shops? Places with good eats are worth bonus points.

Please include general (and/or specific) location.


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  1. Are you looking for places in Baltimore, D.C. or NOVA?

    1. Sparky's on 14th Street (near R) is a great coffee shop.

        1. re: monkeyrotica

          Main Street Bagel in the City of Fairfax sells Swing's Coffee...they always have about 5 brew choices...very good.

        2. My two favorite coffee shops:

          Juan Valdez at 7th and E NW
          Juan Valdez at 1889 I NW (I believe)

          They are both a little sparse on the inside - but good because the World Bank one has big, open, south-and-west-facing windows from floor to ceiling that are really livening (not a word, I don't think), and the one in Penn Quarter is a nice respite from the crowdedness of the Starbucks' on 7th and Indiana, 7th and E, and 7th and H (Seriously, that's a lot of freaking starbucks).

          Oh, and also? They have IMO the best coffee around. The Tinto Campesino, with brown sugar and cinnamon, is fantastic. And I for the most part don't even usually drink much coffee. I'll go out of my way for this stuff.

          1. Mischas in Alexandria is pretty fine and they roast a mean bean.