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Oct 16, 2006 11:28 PM

Spitz in Eagle Rock- good for the veggie crowd,too

I wandered into Spitz on my lunch break last week, not expecting to find too much of interest in a place featuring gyro-type sandwiches. As a vegetarian, I was really impressed by their vegetable doner sandwiches, available either with falafel or without.

I loved the flatbread sandwich, served warm with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, olives, peppers and pepperoncinis, as well as tasty tziki and hummus. It was very satisfying and unique.

Of course, I had to follow it with a medium gelato, half bananas foster (awesome) and half pumpkin. The employee was nice enough to offer "as many samples as you want" ( a welcome change from some of their competition). I thought I recognized the gelato, and then found out it was the same brand (Gelato Classico) I fell in love with in Mountain View. For any so inclined, they have a dark purple cabernet variety.

Do Go!!!

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  1. Did you try the sweet potato fries? I really liked those too, and the lychee gelato.

    1. Yes, that Cabernet flavored one is quite good, as I tried it when TJs used to carry it.

      1. I think I have to try that veggie doner--I'm not in love with either of the two meat versions, but my friend swears by the veg version. it's a cute little store, with really sweet owners--hope it's doing well.

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          I have to agree with you on the meat items - nothing special, yet if in the immediate area, ok. Maybe the veggies are the way to go.