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Oct 16, 2006 11:20 PM

Value for dollar in Vancouver

I know this is planning ahead, but you normally have to plan this far in advance for good places on new years. We will be in Vancouver for new years and are looking for advice as to the best restaurant for its value in Vancouver. It doesn't have to be cheap, anywhere up to about $30 or $35 per plate. Somewhere we could hang out after dinner for some drinks would also be nice.

Anywhere Kits area south up to North Van and maybe east to Commercial area would be ideal.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. $30-35 could be tough. I was there in August, and found Vancouver to be very overpriced(even considering canadien $)

    1. I'm not sure what is happening there on New Years...but you might want to check out Aurora Bistro on Main Street. A great place, good food and well-priced. Glad that you are welcoming the New Year in our city!!

      1. i suggest you either hit broadway and grandville for some very good eats at a reasonable price(bin 942 comes to mind) if u want a little classier, go for raincity grill on denmon and davie, right across from english bay.

        1. If you are asking for a recommendation for Dec 31, you should keep in mind that most nicer restaurants will have set menus or a couple of options you can choose from. There will be a set price (way more than $35 each) and it is not generally a good time to try a new restaurant. I say this only because you won't get the kitchen's full attention (they are, afterall, making the same dish all night long) and the wait staff will be trying to get you in and out (for the different seatings they will have that night) and if you want to hang around for drinks afterwards, this will be a problem. I can say that I would NOT recommend Aurora for new years. Went there a couple years ago for the first time on new years eve and was rushed through dinner (I mean the waitress basically put my coat on and pushed my party out the door), the food was not as good as it supposedly usually is (I don't know because I haven't been back) and to top it all off the place was probably double the price of the normal menu. I think I spent $80 or so for the set menu and a couple drinks.
          My suggestion, go somewhere low key for a nice dinner and then hit up a few bars (bin 942/941 are good, likerish, abigail's party, carv all come to mind) around 9:30 -10 so you can get a good table and pop your champagne by midnight.