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Oct 16, 2006 11:20 PM

anyone been to roy's for a birthday meal?

when i've made reservations in the past, they always ask if it's for a special occassion. i need to make reservations for this weekend for a birthday dinner and don't know if i should tell them or not so i was wondering what they do for birthdays. in my mind, one of the strengths of roy's is the dessert menu, so if they just give you a generic cake, i'd see that as a negative and not a positive. on the other hand, if it's a free chocolate soufle, that's a different story. also, i wouldn't think they sing or make any sort of commotion, but i guess it doesn't hurt to ask if they do anything like that.


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  1. I received a birthday lunch at the Roy's restaurant downtown a couple of months ago. They didn't do a song & dance number; the complimentary dessert that I received was...well, I can't remember what it was called. I think it was some sort of panna cotta with tropical fruit. I remember that it came with caramelized bananas. I remember enjoying the dish. Again, this was in the summer months, and it was a "fruit" dessert rather than a "chocolate" dessert. They're so accommodating, though, that I suspect you'd be able to pick which dessert you'd want for the complimentary birthday selection.

    It was not generic cake, I can tell you that.

    And, as I said, I've found the staff at Roy's (both downtown & elsewhere) to be VERY accommodating and customer service oriented.

    1. What JF said.
      My birthday dinner at Roy's was quite a grown-up experience. I think the waitress asked if I wanted a subdued treat (I did), it was served discretely and everyone was happy.

      1. roy's downtown decorated the center of the table with a few pieces of gold curling ribbon around the centerpiece, and then served the panna cotta gratis. sweet touch.