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Oct 16, 2006 11:08 PM

boston chowhounds looking for chowish food in the bridgewater, nj area

My wife and I will be staying in Bridgewater, NJ to attend a family function the weekend of October 27th. Seeking a place for dinner on Friday night. Prefer ethnic of almost any type or sushi. Suggestions and recommendations please?

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  1. Sushi at Shumi on Doughty Street in Somerville.

    Try the monkfish liver.

    1. Martino's for Cuban, also in Somerville.

      1. Origin (French/Thai fusion) in Somerville. Somerville has some great restaurants.

        1. Chao Phaya on Davenport Street in Somerville is an excellent Thai restaurant. Be warned, "two peppers" is plenty hot, "three peppers" is insane. This is a BYOB so it is a great bargain as well. I find Origin (already recommended) to be good (though pricier)and more than a bit pretentious.

          1. I tried Origin this afternoon for lunch. Although I found the service lacking and the table placement quite poor, the food was wonderful. I may add however that the place was packed for lunch. On the other hand, the sister restaurant across the street, Madame S, was deserted. Origin has a nice lunch special, choice of an entree plus salad and small spring roll for $8 - $10 depending upon what you order (portions were small however). I chose the Shrimp Pad Gra Praw (thai basil with chili and vegetables). The sauce was perfectly sweet and spicy at the same time. Although I usually don't eat much white rice, I ate every grain to mop up the beautiful sauce. Being that the entree was not that large, I decided to order the mango with sweet sticky rice dessert I had read all about. What a fabulous dessert. Think warm yummy rice pudding with coconut sauce drizzled on top with fresh cut mango. Pure pleasure. BTW, I also choose the salad which comes with the meal. It was good with nice fresh greens and a typical if not solid house made vinaigrette but otherwise not very special. All in all, this place deserves the accolades it has received.

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              I'd never thought about Origin or Madame S for lunch so it's good to know that these restaurants are available. Can you elaborate on the poor table placement at Origin?

              BTW, this thread started about five months ago when the OP was planning to visit Bridgewater from Boston. Nevertheless, the information is valuable.