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Oct 16, 2006 11:03 PM

Hunan Dumplings

I am looking for great hunan dumplings with peanut sauce somewhere in the GTA. North York Yonge St area especially.

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  1. I don't know about North York, but if I recall correctly there's a place in one of those little malls just north of Finch on Midland.... it;s the second mall on your left of you're heading noth on midland... they Only serve dumpling.... now if only I can remember the name of the place...

    1. Thanks for the you know if they serve the dumplings with peanut sauce. In Montreal all the Thai/Cantonese restaurants have this on their menu but I have yet to find this dish in North York or up-town Toronto

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        Ambassador has a mixed meat dumpling served with spicy peanut sauce on their dim sum menu. I like the item. I don't know if it is exactly what you're looking for though. But, it is otherwise excellent dim sum (my vote for best in the city). Go try the dumpling and enjoy the rest. Hwy. 7 and Leslie (on West Beaver Creek).

      2. Hi ande8150. As a former Montrealer here 10 years, I too would like to find a place that has the type of Hunan dumplings found in Szechuan restaurants in Montreal. Then again, I have yet to find a great Szechuan restaurant in Toronto.

        1. I love hunan dumplings, like the kind u get at Bentleys in Laval or St Sauveur or that place called hot and spicy?? I know exactly what your talking about. I can only tell u that the closest i have come to this in Toronto is the steamed dumplings with peanut sauce at Szechuan Szechuan. They have pan fried dumplings as well which can be ordered with peanut sauce, but i have yet to try them. Szechuan Szechuan has 2 locations 1 is downtown in First Canadian Place, which is the one i've eaten at, and another in the Vaughan Mills Mall.

          1. Glad to hear that Szechuan Szechuan has opened another location. I assume the new place is open on weekends, which the downtown location is not. I've always wanted to try the one in First Canadian Place, but it's closed Saturdays and Sundays.

            I look forward to trying the dumplings in peanut sauce. I just hope that the sauce is not overly sweet, the way it's done sometimes in Montreal (usually at the places that over-sweeten all of their sauces). It's great when the sauce is perfectly made, with just the right amount of chili oil and low on the sugar/honey.

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              Just a caution: many of Szechuan Szechuan's dishes (downtown) are so sweet that they taste candied. This includes things (e.g., dry shredded beef) that don't come in a sauce. Many of these dishes would be delicious if they reduced the sweetening level, but they are not disposed to do so and, as a result, I seldom eat there.