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Good rotisserie chicken on UWS?

Suggestions please?

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  1. I, too, will be interested in the answers to this question. I've been impressed with the rotisserie chicken at Gabriela's now on Columbus and 93rd. I believe that call it Pollo Yucateco with a choice of Mole. I have not had it since they moved to their new location. Hopefully the quality remained in tact when they moved.

    I also liked the roasted chicken from Cafe du Soleil on Broadway and 104th. As I recall, it comes 3 different ways -- I think I ordered it with lemon and rosemary. Also comes with their yummy pommes frites.

    I noticed Henry's, in the same neighborhood, has an oven roasted chicken. I've not had it, though I'm ready to give it a whirl. Henry's accomplishes what I think is a very hard thing to do -- it is consistently good. It's a warm neighborhood place that has never disappointed. So, now I'm curious how their roast chicken is.

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      You are right about Henry's - it is consistently pleasant. I personally think that their roast chicken is their best menu item, so give it a whirl.

    2. Flor de Mayo used to be very good for this, but the last couple times I've been disappointed.

      Did Gabreilla's open another new branch? Both of the old ones have closed (the downtown one is now San Luigi, I predict a short life for it).

      1. You may want to try Citarella's on appx. 75th and Broadway or Fairway a few doors down for a fast and affordable rotisserie fix.

        1. The best Rotisserie chicken on the UWS in my opinion is at Malecon on 97th and Amsterdam.

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            This is absolutely true. My brother used to live above this place, and I go back all the time (from Astoria!) just for the chicken. Rice and beans are great, too! Plus, it's very, very cheap.

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              Yea, and the chicken is probably half the price of the other places named on this thread.

          2. Try Picnic - around 106th/Bwy. Further south, I still think Citarella does a nice bird.

            1. In answer to plf515, yes Gabriella's has reopened. It has been slightly upscaled, great space and a great outdoor porch seating area as well. So far everything I've tried there has been quite good. A little more expensive than the old one, but also better in quality, and a more festive space. In answer to amyleechen (and comidaqueen) yes, they still have the rotisserie chicken, and it is just as tasty as ever. This is a neighborhood place for me, so I'm there all the time.

              1. I was going to cook tonight, but after being reminded of Malecon -- I'm rotisserie chicken-bound. We've eaten in the restaurant, but not ordered the roast chicken. I'll report back. Very excited!

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                  So we had the chicken at Malecon. I'm holding off my final judgement until we give it another try. It wasn't warm (maybe getting it delivered wasn't the way to go?) and it was dry (which we can't blame on delivery). It wasn't bad, certainly a great deal$. But would I come in all the way from Astoria for it? Right now, I'm thinking there are better options in the neighborhood than the Malecon roast chicken. Like I said, I'll give it another try before I decide. Maybe it was an off-night.

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                    Sometimes if its late the chickens have been taken off the rotisserie and might have been sitting. Thats too bad. Give it a try earlier in the night.

                2. I lived in the area for a long time and Malecon has great nights and so so ones. Picnic is not quite as good usually . Flor de Mayo was the best, but friends still uptown told me it has slipped. Give Malecon another try.