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Cape Cod 3: Best Bar to Enjoy Dinner (a la Chez Henri, Blue Room, Christopher's or the like)

The next Cape Cod question...

Are there any wonderful, higher to mid priced, places that are great to eat at the bar? Comfortable, paced, quality.

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  1. Wicked Oyster--Wellfleet.

    Front Street--P'town.

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      Great. The folks at Abba suggested the bar at Wicked Oyster too.

    2. Friends in Falmouth really like Roobar in Falmouth. you might also try putting various cape towns into the search box.

      1. The Cape's a broad locale...where specifically will you be staying? Without that bit of info you'll get answers from, well, Falmouth to Ptown!

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          The Eastham, Welfeet, Orleans areas. One night we're going to Abba, so that is covered.

        2. We like Vining's Bistro in Chatham. It is on the second floor across the driveway from the Christian Science Reading Room on Main Street. They don't take reservations but it shouldn't be too big a problem at this time of year except on Sat night.


          1. The only good restaurant I have found on the Cape is The Road House in Hyannis.

            1. RooBar in Chatham is nice too. Consistent Pizzas. Fig & Proscuito was outstanding; Jamaican Jerk Chicken was OK, but not at all hot.

              Can't leave out the Chatham Squire (Main St, Chatham) for comfortable conversation, fresh seafood and alternatives. The food has held up quite well and I have a special fondness from the old days when you had to drive 3-4 towns to get a decent meal in the off-season.

              1. In Orleans there is a sweet little bar at The Beacon Room. It is comfortable, maybe not as "hip" as chez or as warm as The Blue Room, but just sweet (i said it again) and comfortable with the best (don't laugh) chicken parm ever. but decent wine list and a funny bartender (if it isn't the owner) and just simple and good. Not outstanding, but good, oh and friendly. that is so important.

                1. I like The Road House in Hyannis. Good food, great bar, and ambience.

                  1. I second the Beacon Room. The bar is very is small, but comfy. Always nice people to talk with. Excellent crab cakes, Beacon Room pasta (fettucini alfredo) & rack of lamb. Nice little wine list.

                    There is also Mahoney's on Main St(Orleans) near Snow's Dept Store. Large, happening bar. Food & wine list are so, so.

                    I have heard good things about Coast @ the intersection of RT 28 & 6A, Orleans. But no first hand knowledge.

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                      Not a big fan of coast. The drinks are very good but the food is like being at a Chili's or such. If that's what you are in the mood for its not bad but they advertise as having tapas when in fact it is tapas sized plates of mac n' cheese etc. It is, however one of a kind in Orleans.

                    2. Don't miss the bar at Land Ho! The kale soup is fabulous as is the bar staff. See you soon!

                      1. Ocean House has a great bar..water views..ahhhhhhhh..located in Dennisport..

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                          Ocean House closed until the spring.

                        2. I would like to recommend the Orleans Inn. Growing up in Orleans I must have driven by that place a thousand times. I went in there for lunch one day out of the blue and have been back many times. The bar is very cozy and has a full view of the cove.
                          The food was terrific (pub fare).