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Oct 16, 2006 10:29 PM

Any "adult" restaurants that welcome children?

We are staying at the Hotel Nelligan this weekend and want to take our 10 year old daughter to dinner with us. I am interested in recommendations in Old montreal. Also, any views on her being welcomed (or not) at La Chronique? Will probably phone myself but interested in your views. Thank you.

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  1. Last time I went to La Chronique, I was there about 3 hours. Would she tolerate that? You know your daughter best. Would you want to be paying a couple hundred dollars for a night out, and sit next or near a similar child. If your honest answer is yes, then I'm sure she'll be welcome.

    1. We went to Yoyo a couple of weeks ago with my ten year old niece and she was more than welcomed. We went everyhere with that kid, she is super well behaved, and we were always well received. We never had a bad experience in a Mtl restaurant with her. They always propose a kid's plate and they don't charge the full price of an entrée. I have to add that we don't let her run around the restaurant. She is seated with us and we bring her things to play with at the table. The waiters are always super nice to her and they compliment us because she is well behaved. I think that most restaurants will welcome a well behaved kid anyday.

      1. Thank you both for your comments. My daughter has never let us down in the behaviour department (when we're out that is!) My concern was focused more particularily on whether a restaurant who caters particularily to a grown up palate would accomodate a younger person. I am not familiar with Yoyo but am heartened to hear the child was welcomed and looked after. I love to eat well, particularily when on holiday and it seems a shame if we all can't find somewhere we would all enjoy.

        1. I have a ten-year-old son, and he's been taken to many "adult" restaurants in Montreal. I don't think I'd take him to La Chronique though - I don't think it would be terribly enjoyable for most 10 year olds. Among the definitely kid-friendly, adult, good food restaurants in my experience, I would suggest - in Old Montreal - Garde Manger (but early, rather than late) and Holder. In other areas of town - au Pied de Cochon, au Petit Extra, L'Express. There are plenty of others - I would just avoid the very pricey ones, unless your daughter is an extremely adventurous and patient diner - and most 10-year-olds I know aren't (then again, I took my son to Tabla in NY...)

          1. Brunoise is a serious restaurant where the staff cheerfully accomodates children. Zach, one of the owners, has a young daughter. Just let them know ahead of time you are bringing your son.

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              We have eaten with our daughter at Da Emma excellent Italian in Old Montreal, and I would agree with Brunoise-we have also been there and it was great.