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Oct 16, 2006 10:20 PM

mexican and a decent coffee shop in worcester?

I recently moved to worcester and have found the basics I need to survive - EXCEPT a decent coffee shop and a good mexican place.

Tortilla Sam's is gross - is there a hole in the wall somewhere - anything where I can get some tamales? I did find a good salvadorian place on main street but it's still not quite the same.

I've found one coffee shop in worcester on highland ave. but its not interesting or iniviting to lounge in if you plan on hanging out at all. The coffee is good, but I can make good coffee - I'm talking about a cool atmosphere. The only other place I've found is starbucks and that's way too sterile a space.


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  1. There's no decent Mexican food in Worcester that I know of. There used to be a wonderful little place near Webster Sq, but that closed 10 years ago.

    1. that's tragic - I'll just have to drive back to provie when I visit my friends.

      we should open one - seriouslt. too bad I don't know how to make mexican food.

      1. Jose Murphy's on Water St. Even if the food isn't authentic you can't help but have a good time.

        1. fair enough! I'm psyched - I'll be there in a heartbeat -

          looking forward to my first visit.

          1. no kidding. Let us know about Jose Murphy's!
            As for coffee shops, there is Java Hut in Webster Sq. college atmosphere, but one of the few places that has live music, open mics, etc. There is Black Diamond Cafe which is technically in Shrewsbury, but it is right off Rte. 9/140 (and they have free WiFi). The Black diamond is a place you can hang out for a while (comfy couches, fireplace). Near UMASS med school is the Zodiac Cafe--cute, the coffee isn't bad, and the snacks are good, and it is inviting. There are often some med students hanging out, doing work, etc. It is right near Regatta Deli.
            hmm..I'll keep thinking, I drink A LOT of coffee ;)