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Oct 16, 2006 10:13 PM

Masona Grill, West Roxbury

I consider this a new find, in the same category as Sophia's Grotto in Roslindale. A mix of Mediterranean and Peruvian food. The've been open just three months, and were fairly crowded on a Sunday night.

My husband had the black bean soup: earthy, just the right thickness, and full of flavor. He followed that with very tasty duck (crisp and moist at the same time) in a fruity sauce. My son had papa rellenos-lamb: a mixture of ground lamb, potatoes and peas, then sauteed til they became soft log-like pieces. Again, superb flavor. His main dish was halibut in a clam broth, with some clams strewn around the dish. Quite perfecly done. I had baked acorn squash with mushroom ragu. An impressive mixture of wild mushrooms that made for a perfect autumn selection. Pot de creme for dessert. Very nicely presented with swirls of raspberry and chocolate sauces on the plate. They offer wine and beer. Most apps are in the $5-$8 range, except for the seviche, which was $19 (shrimp, octopus and, I think she said, swordfish). Entrees are between $18 and $27. Service was neighborhood-friendly. The very helpful server took me on little tour of the upstairs: attractive bar and more seating. She indicated that they may be expanding to the empty store next to them.

Masona has a warm feel, with earthy colors, beautiful wood floors and pleasing artwork. We left knowing that we will look forward to returning.

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  1. I liked the Masona Grill the first couple of times I went, The chicken stuff with bread and olives under the skin was amazing. The feel of the place was great so was the service and the noise level Parking was easy. Unfortunately, the good review in the Globe, the service was off, food was off, and the noise was unreal. I would wait a month or two and see if it settles down.

    1. I have been to Masona, but I went there on a Sunday evening around 730pm; there were a couple of tables taken, but overall the place was quiet, which I liked. Argentinian music played in the background; our waitress Gina was excellent! We were not sure which wine to choose so she brought us over two types of wines to taste before chosing one. The salmon was tasty and nicely flavored; my friend had the scallops which were very large and also delicious. We had a great experience there and I highly recommend it.

      But I do agree with ptrefler above that the restaurant can become very loud since it is small and the tables are close to one another. So I would suggest going to Masona Sun-Wed nights.

      1. Tried getting in a few Friday nights ago, right after Globe review. No seats to be had w/o a res so since we're just around the corner, decided to try another night. Went back on a Tuesday eve - wasn't crowded but they were still appreciative we made a res. Guess that will be the norm for a while until the hub-bub dies down. Good to see they're doing well, WR needs a place like Masona.
        Had the stuffed chicken - very good, not the best ever, hubby had the duck which he said was about the best he's had. Really like their wine selection, small, well chosen & compliments the menu. Can't go wrong & the prices are great. Love the space & atmospshere, server was great, very comfortable.

        1. We had dinner at Masona the Friday night after the review in the Globe. Our food was excellent (scallops, duck, beef, and chicken) but we noticed that with the advent of the Fall menu, they raised the entree prices an average of $2-$5 per entree, which seemed pretty cheesy. The atmosphere is great, and we'd definitely go again to sit at the bar and have a drink, but now the prices seem a little high, esp. for W. Roxbury.

          1. I went there the other night and thought it was good, but wasn't necessarily wowed. I agree that it's not cheap, esp for W. Rox. I also found the menu kind of limited, though I agree that it certainly is not run-of-the-mill. I got the stuffed chicken, good, agree not "the best ever".... A friend got the baked acorn squash and that was a perfect hearty dish for the fall --again, something you wouldn't necessarily see on lots of menus around town. Service was good....