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Oct 16, 2006 09:58 PM

Joe's Shanghai Soup Dumplings

Had a quickie lunch at the bar at Joe's in midtown. Tsingtao beer with a hot & sour soup and , of course, crab and pork soup dumplings. Soup was OK with the interesting addition of shrimp. The soup dumplings were not scalding hot inside for a change and were delicious but how do you eat the damn things without looking like a fountain? I know-put them on the soup spoon, nibble a little hole, let the soup drain onto the spoon, slurp and then stick the whole thing in your mouth after dipping in ginger sauce. There's gotta be a better way. One of my colleagues is so addicted to them that we had to do an intervention last year.

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  1. Forget letting it drain onto the spoon - way too messy and there's always too much soup to fit in the spoon. I nibble/poke my hole more on the side at the bottom of the dumpling, then slurp the soup right out of the hole. If you tilt the dumpling back while and after you open the hole, you can let the soup cool a little as the outside air comes in a bit. Had some last week, ate it that way, and came out clean as a whistle with only a drop or three on my plate.

    1. Put in spoon. Poke with chopstick near top, slurp some soup out, and let cool for a moment. Then apply chili oil (or whatever) liberally into the hole and pop the whole thing in your mouth. I have no idea if that technique is proper, but it's always worked for me...