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Need Recommendations Near Moscone Center

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I'm looking for some restaurant recommendations for a business dinner (around 12 people) near the Moscone Center. Thanks.

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  1. If you're not looking for something too formal/fancy, try Pazzia on Third between Folsom & Harrison. Pazzia has excellent pizzas and good pastas. The protein (meat) items are mezzo mezzo. If your guests are from out of town, they're probably not used to having real Eyetalians as waiters.

    1. Me too. Going to Oracle World next week.

        1. - Umbria for Italian on 2nd and Howard.
          - Second Pazzia on 3rd..I though they were the same owners as Umbria?? Not sure.
          - 2nd a Folsom, Mehfil is a good Indian place.
          - Thirtsy Bear...but that will be crazy crowded.
          - Osha Thai on 2nd and Mission
          - Cha Am Thai on Folsom at 3rd.
          There are alot more restaurants in the area, but not sure how many can handle a dozen people.
          You realize that there will be and extra 20,000 people in the area and you will need to make reservations. We got an email today at work about all of the upcoming traffic problems next week...I work by Moscone.

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            I wouldn't go to Pazzia for a business dinner, particularly not with a group of 12.

          2. Pazzia and Umbria are not affliated.

            1. I would also recommend Cha Am. I used to work on 2nd and Montgomery and went there regularly.

              1. Pazzia's a good choice. You might want to consider nearby Bong Su (corner of 3rd & Folsom) if you're into Vietnamese.

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                  Ahh, is that what Bong Su is? Vietnamese!? I work nearby and have wondered what took over Max's. They don't have a menu displayed and doesn't give any clues.
                  Have you eaten there? It looks like it might be "upscale" and not for the casual lunch.

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                    I believe the OP asked for a place for a business dinner. FWIW, it is a little higher up on the price scale (appetizers are $7 - $15, entrees range from $20 - $30)

                2. Flytrap on 2nd and Folsom might be a good choice. It serves decent "old school" SF food in a handsome dining room. The couple of times I've been there, I thought "this would be the perfect place to have dinner with my father", a conservative New England businessman!

                  1. Hawthorne Lane is nearby (close to Thirsty Bear). Thirsty Bear is Brewery/Tapas and Hawthorne Lane is more upscale. Oola too, but probably not good for 12 (more bar-like American Food). If you want casual Italian, Bucca Di Beppo is walking distance and they can handle large parties.

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                      Oola might be able to handle 12 upstairs, I'm not sure.

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                        I thought I read Hawthorne Lane was closed for renovations. There are a lot of groups I would happily take to Bucca, but a business group is not one of them. I'd even recommend Maya which isn't one of my favs over Bucca. Or Fly Trap as mentioned. Just as close as Bucca. What's the budget? What day of the week? How far away from Moscone is the outer limit?

                      2. Lulu's is good...within a short walk of Moscone.