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How do you clean your wine glasses?

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The hard water in Los Angeles is making my wine glasses spot horribly. Before, I could just rinse, set upside down to drain for awhile, and put away. Not since I moved here! Even if I think the glasses look clean, after they dry in the cupboard they look gray and splotchy the next day.

Are there products that prevent this, or do I just need to start doing a final rinse in filtered water?

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  1. I use very hot water, a little bit of washing-up liquid, and a wonderful "brush" of which I will try to find a photo. I dry them "standing up" - my DH was sceptical for a while, but it works.

    Another option, taught to me by a cleaning lady who also bussed at a hotel restaurant, was to use the steam of a kettle, and then dry with a linen towel.

    1. Hand wash. After rinising, fill the glass with water as hot as possible. Empty and immediately dry with a glass cloth. Repeat for the other glasses. The cloth prevents spotting and the heat keeps lint from sticking to the glass.

      1. Boy, that's a tough one!

        Many years ago, only the Baccarat glasses would get stained, but Riedels and "Smart & Final"s used to come out of the washer OK. Then, it was the Riedels that failed. Lately, I'm afraid even the S&Fs. I tried pretty much everything.

        Best solution (labor intensive):
        1) hand wash
        2) dry IMMEDIATELY with a linen cloth.

        Next best:
        1) machine wash
        2) clean the spots immersing in water w/white vinegar
        3) dry with a linen cloth.

        1. I agree with RicRios that hand washing and drying by hand will do the trick. I have luck with a cotton (non-terry cloth) towel. I've also pulled them out of the dishwasher before the heated drying and hand dryed them with the same effect.

          1. I work for a winery and we have a commercial Glasses dishwasher as do most others locally.
            Uses VERY HOT water and a liquid detergent disinfactant product recommended by the Manufacturer (Hobart). At home I use Glass Magic and wash only glassware. They come out spotless and clean.
            I still polish with a dry cloth.

            1. i agree with steaming them-- this is what i always do at my house when i'm drinking something nice or if i'm having people over... glassmagic is good stuff, too, though-- also check out stem shine. essentially the same stuff.

              1. I handwwash my Riedels & other stems & dry with a "flour sack" towel (no lint). Works perfectly everytime!

                1. I've been buying inexpensive Luminarc glasses (rather spend the money on wine) and throwing them in the dishwasher. Heat dry turned off, open door promptly after rinse cycle, blot dry the bases with a clean towel, let sit in the rack warm to finish drying. No problem with spotting, our current Costco house-brand detergent doesn't seem to cloud the glass.

                  I'd rather throw out the occasional cloudy glass than fuss with hand-washing.