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Oct 16, 2006 09:25 PM

How do you clean your wine glasses?

The hard water in Los Angeles is making my wine glasses spot horribly. Before, I could just rinse, set upside down to drain for awhile, and put away. Not since I moved here! Even if I think the glasses look clean, after they dry in the cupboard they look gray and splotchy the next day.

Are there products that prevent this, or do I just need to start doing a final rinse in filtered water?

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  1. I use very hot water, a little bit of washing-up liquid, and a wonderful "brush" of which I will try to find a photo. I dry them "standing up" - my DH was sceptical for a while, but it works.

    Another option, taught to me by a cleaning lady who also bussed at a hotel restaurant, was to use the steam of a kettle, and then dry with a linen towel.

    1. Hand wash. After rinising, fill the glass with water as hot as possible. Empty and immediately dry with a glass cloth. Repeat for the other glasses. The cloth prevents spotting and the heat keeps lint from sticking to the glass.

      1. Boy, that's a tough one!

        Many years ago, only the Baccarat glasses would get stained, but Riedels and "Smart & Final"s used to come out of the washer OK. Then, it was the Riedels that failed. Lately, I'm afraid even the S&Fs. I tried pretty much everything.

        Best solution (labor intensive):
        1) hand wash
        2) dry IMMEDIATELY with a linen cloth.

        Next best:
        1) machine wash
        2) clean the spots immersing in water w/white vinegar
        3) dry with a linen cloth.

        1. I agree with RicRios that hand washing and drying by hand will do the trick. I have luck with a cotton (non-terry cloth) towel. I've also pulled them out of the dishwasher before the heated drying and hand dryed them with the same effect.

          1. I work for a winery and we have a commercial Glasses dishwasher as do most others locally.
            Uses VERY HOT water and a liquid detergent disinfactant product recommended by the Manufacturer (Hobart). At home I use Glass Magic and wash only glassware. They come out spotless and clean.
            I still polish with a dry cloth.