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Oct 16, 2006 09:22 PM

Dinner for a group of 8-10

I'm looking for a place in TO for a group dinner. I'd like a place that is good for talking, has great food, and a price point of $60/pp.

The restaurant should cater to many different tastes and be located in central downtown or west Toronto. Most people live in the BWV area.

I haven't lived in TO for two years and am out of the loop. Can someone please suggest something good?


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  1. I would suggest Bloom in the Bloor West Village ( 2315 Bloor Street West .. it has a great menu that gives you a "downtown" feel but at better prices :-) ranging from $20-$30 for mains and apps around $10

    1. izakaya? Not as 'scary' a menu as you might think- lively and good for sharing. I brought a large group there in the spring- everything from farmer's wives to lawyers and they all loved it.

      1. There's a recent post on Lee that refers to a $60 pp price point, and loads of fun to boot.