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Oct 16, 2006 09:18 PM

seafood in Boston? what about The Atlantic Fish Co?

A friend mentioned The Atlantic Fish Co to me (he has just been to Boston), however, I've been reading various posts on chowhound, and there hasnt been mention of it. B&G, Neptune, etc ... so was hoping to get anyone's insight? should we go? Its in Copley Square, which is where we're staying, so there is some appeal, however, we want incredible seafood (esp as west coasters coming to the northeast)

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  1. I am not a fan of Atlantic Fish Company. The last meal that I had there was totally mediocre and the service was not good. I would go to Neptune or B&G. Even though they are not in Copley, Boston is a very small city and you can get to either place pretty easily from Copley. B&G is a bit closer (you could walk in about 15 minutes) but both are just a short cab ride if you prefer that.

    1. I've had great experiences at Atlantic Fish. They have a "daily fresh catch" menu which they update everyday, so I get the sense they have fresh seafood. If you're looking for other seafood options in the Copley area, you might want to try Turner Fisheries ( Never been myself, but it looks pretty decent. Happy eating!

      1. I'll second Neptune Oyster on Salem street in the North End. We had a great meal there on Saturday.

        My usual response when someone wants a special fish meal is to recommend a visit one of Boston's fine chefs and you will get great food.

        I've had wonderful seafood at Hamersley's Bistro, The Blue Room, Rendezvous Central Square and Central Kitchen. I live in the Back Bay, near where you are staying and these would be my choices. They are not far from you by MBTA or taxi.

        I've had terrible seafood at many local places that gear themselves to heavy traffic of conventioneers and tourists. The word fish in a name doesn't assure a great seafood experience.

        1. I asked this question previously as I also did not see any mention of it.

          I went there over a year ago (I'm from out of state) and I really enjoyed it. I had the mix seafood in a broth for dinner and loved it so much that I went back for lunch and had the same thing just before heading to the airport.

          I will be visiting Boston again this weekend for a seafood weekend. I plan on going to B&G for lunch as I have read many great things about this place on Chowhound and will go to Clio for dinner.
          And I will definitely go to Atlantic Seafood again just before heading to the airport.

          1. I've always enjoyed my meals at Atlantic Fish. It may not be an institution, or gourmet, but we've always been able to get a table in a reasonable amount of time, the food and wine has always been delicious, and the service has been friendly and knowledgeable.