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Oct 16, 2006 09:00 PM

Antica Venezia-Anyone Been?

I had heard a few positive things about Antica but there is very little posted on this board. Has anyone tried this place and willing to provide some feedback? Thanks

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  1. I would recommend Antica Venezia very highly. I went for the first time a few weeks ago and both me and my date really enjoyed ourselves. Really good service and delicious food. My ravioli in truffle cream sauce and veal with artichokes, mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes was great, as was my date's gnocchi. The tiramisu was also very good, especially with all the bad tiramisu around. The atmosphere and the leisurely pace that the restaurant allows really reminded me of eating in Italy. We were the last ones in the restaurant (which had been quite crowded when we got there), but we never felt like they wanted us to rush out. Please report back if you go. I'd be interested to know if you feel the same way.

    1. We went last night and thought it was pretty good, but not outstanding. We had a salad, an eggplant appetizer, gnocchi w/ veal ragu, and a veal cutlet with mushrooms. The gnocchi were a little on the cold side - perhaps plated on a cold plate? - but very tasty, epsecially the ragu. Everything was very good, but not breathtaking. I found the service to be a little overwhelming - this is NOT a place with "unobtrusive" waitstaff. While the service was good, it was a little showy (flambes, candle & decanter for wine (uncessary for a $15 Chianti), etc.) but kind of fun. Looks like there were a lot of tourists there (us included), but it was New Year's weekend and early. They did mischarge me for our wine - $60 for a $45 bottle. Honest mistake or did they take me for a rube? Hard to tell - but they were very apologetic.

      Bottom line - great place to go if you want a good Italian meal with a "New York" Italian experience, but don't go for the food alone.