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Oct 16, 2006 08:53 PM

Monday Night football Specials

Ok, so it's Monday night and while the Eagles are not on, I am craving a beer and some bar food because I just do not feel like cooking tonight. After living in FLA/N.VA for the past few years, I came across some bars that had awesome specials that would bring people in (even through snow and rain). Places like Crystal City Sports Pub, N.VA didn't have a beer special, but there entire burger menu was half off (and they have some of the best burgers/fries I have had). Someone started a thread earlier about football specials so I would like to keep it going since we are a football town. I haven't found a place that I have settled on yet but here are a few places I have been.

Dark Horse Tavern- Pine and 2nd- $2 pints, $5 bar food

McFadden's Ballpark- $3 beers during the game

Pour House Tavern (4213 Ridge Ave) - $2 Miller Lite's

Vesuvio- Apparently Runyan's favorite place in Bella Vista. He has been seen hanging out there for a few beers on Mondays. Even has a drink named after him (the Runyan- Goose, Midori, Pineapple, sour, and splash of soda). Beer specials.

AJ's Sports Bar, Levittown- $1.50 bud, bud light, bud select, and Mich Ultra. All you can eat wings and pizza $3.99 (7-11pm).

Drinkers Pub, Rittenhouse- Pitcher and wing deal (although they are pretty inexpensive to begin with)

Champions- 1201 market- food and drink specials.

MadRiver, Old City- Wing specials (I think .25 wings $7 pitchers) It's been a while.

Mexican Post, Old City- Somethings always $2 during the games plus they just got in two 42 in plasma's over the bar (no more breaking your neck to see the crappy 20 inch tv's in the corner).

I know there are tons more out there. If you know of a place, football fans like myself will greatly appreciate it.

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  1. I started a link on this very subject a few wks back. If you search football on the PA board you should find it. Irish Pub is a good $2 beer spot with $.25 wings by the pound. Also, I've been to jolly's sporting saloon on 19th st. the last two Mondays. They have $2 Lager specials but more importantly they have this thing, it's called Bone's Buffalo Wing Thing. I'm hesitant to share the secret but it's out now. It's like a buffalo wing dip but they drizzle it over nacho chips. It's crazy good. Word on the street is they're gonna use it to make a chicken cheese steak on a Primo's roll. Watch out. I'll post back once I try it.

    1. Philadium in South Philly is great for MNF. Free homemade pizzas, full menu, cheap beer, block pool, good local crowd. Bartenders are great and know everyone. Place is very laid back not too rowdy. Also perfect for before/after a game since it's right by the stadiums in Packer Park.

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          Philadium is on 1631 Packer Ave (between 16th and 17th on Packer), right across from Chickie's & Pete's, which is also great for watching football.

        2. KC's Alley in Ambler - Half price burgers plus drink specials ($2 domestic drafts, I think).

          1. Tonyjlive-Philadium Tavern
            1631 Packer Ave (Cross Street: 18th Street)

            Thanks to all those who have responded so far. I have a few more from some of my buddies:

            PJ Henry's Draft House, Ardmore- $6 Pitchers 9-11pm

            Dave and Busters- Late night Happy Hour (9-11pm), half price cocktails and wine, plus power hour (play all the video games you want for an hour for $10). You'll find me on Daytona USA.

            Kildare's- $10 Irish Dinner, $3 pints on Harp & Smithwick, $4 pint of Guinness, although they have open mic from 9-1am.

            McGillicuddy's, Ardmore- $2 lagers and free buffet plus texas hold 'em. The Kirklyn location has $2.50 22 oz eagle cups of bud/bud light plus free hot dogs.

            Maggie Oneals, Drexel Hill- Prime Rib night 11.95, $2 lagers 10-12am. Next door, JB Dawson's has all you can eat ribs/sides for around $20. Very good.

            Oneals, 611 S 3rd St- $2 Microcraft bottle, 1/2 price appetizers.

            Seamus Mulligans Pub, Aston- 20 jumbo wings- $7,95, 30 Shrimp $9.95, $2.50 ML bottles, $2 pints, Free halftime buffet.

            The Wharf Tavern, Aston- $10 beer buckets all night.

            Chickie's and Pete's is a good spot to go if you want to see some of the Eagles since the Michael Barkan show is filmed live there on Monday nights. Stallworth and Reggie Brown were there last night.

            oh, and Tony, I am all over that buffalo wing thing......