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Oct 16, 2006 08:51 PM

Canned coffee


Does anyone know where I can buy canned coffee in Toronto?


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  1. you mean like the kind you buy at the grocery store - I like Van Houte

    1. When you say canned coffee do you mean grinds or ready to drink? I have seen lots of canned ready to drink coffee in asian stores, often from Japan or Hong Kong.

      1. I'm looking for ready to drink coffee... yes, the kinds imported from Japan or Hong Kong. Whereabouts have you seen them? I've never came across any here... Thanks!!

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        1. re: mauie

          Where are you located? I think there is a Japanese grocery store near downtown china town (Sanko?). Then up north at steeles and 404 there is J-Town. I go to T & T supermarket a lot and they have several brands, from different countries, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia.......
          There are a few T & T's one in Thornhill, 2 in Markham.

        2. Alrighty, I'll go check those out! =D

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          1. re: mauie

            Some of the Asian markets on Gerrard east of Broadview have it.

          2. P.A.T Central Market in Koreatown (Bloor and Christie) has a few different kinds, but they are in the cooler, not warm. Nothing beats a warm can of coffee on a cold day! If anyone knows where I can find them WARM, I will bow down at your feet!