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Oct 16, 2006 08:41 PM

looking for Dragonfly Brand Sweet Chile Sauce for chicken

Last year while in the San Francisco area I found a small Asian maket and bought a bottle of Dragonfly Brand sweet chile sauce for chicken.It is delicious and I've been looking for it everywhere.I don't remember the name of the store or where it was .I've done several online searchs to no avail,anyone have any ideas? I live in Pasadena but would be willing to travel.
Thanks in advance

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  1. I'm not familiar with that specific brand, but do use a Sweet chili sauce from Thailand. I have used various brands, my current one is Mae Ploy. Some labels specifically mention chicken, others mention garlic. I haven't noticed much difference in brands, so I suspect it is a rather common Thai sauce. Most Asian groceries carry one brand or another.


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      A link in a thread on Thai steamed rice has this Mae Ploy sauce

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        Hi Checkout this website if you like chilli sauce & hot sauces.

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        Thanks, paulj,I've tried Mae Ploy and I can tell a difference it's too sweet,that's why I'm looking specifically for Dragonfly.

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          I saw a few Dragonfly items on those online Thai shops, but not a sweet chilli sauce.

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            While doing some regular grocery shopping I checked the sweet chilli sauces. A small Vietnamese produce stand had 3 brands; 99 Ranch had 9 brands. Saw a Flying Goose brand, also Flying Horse, but no Dragonfly.


        2. Dragonfly Sweet Chili Sauce is sold by U.S. Trading Company in Hayward, CA 94545.
          Their phone number is 1-800-453-5502. Product of Thailand.

          I'm looking at an empty bottle now. It was delicious and I'm looking for more.

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            But it is a crappy site, and not very well behaved. Most of the things that look like links aren't.

            A search for "Dragonfly" comes up empty.

          2. If you're still looking for this sauce. They have it on U.S. Trading's website.


            I like the sweet chili sauce too. It's not too sweet and tastes great.

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              Seems that US Trading is not necessarily wholesale, but I can't tell for sure as they don't sell online and there are no price listings, but their items are packed for the retail trade, i.e. you have to buy a case. They do carry a variety of Dragonfly brand (DF) sweet chili sauces, however:

              Scroll down for DF products.

            2. While the Dragonfly brand is widely available here in the bay area, sweet chili sauce is one of those almost generic sauces that like ketchup, inspires Hunts/Heinz type battles.

              I'd suggest making your own, absurdly easy and you can tweak it to taste.