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Oct 16, 2006 08:38 PM

Berkshire/Kurobuta Pork---where to buy?

I'm looking to buy some pork with fat and flavor, rather than the super-lean crap that fills the shelves at every supermarket in the area. Does anyone know of retail shops that sell berkshire pork? I know Savenor's doesn't.

Also, does anyone know of any local (all of new england is fine) farmers that raise and sell this meat direct?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't know about Kurobuta; but try Lionette's Market..connected to Garden of Eden on Tremont.

    1. Expensive and not local, but we just put in our first order at Heritage Foods. Heard about them on the radio and we're looking forward to giving it a try.

      Prefer to buy local, but we like what these guys stand for.

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        I'm familiar with Heritage Foods and love what they do, but I would much prefer local for moral reasons and for cost. Heritage Foods charges $150 for turkeys and $65 for 2 dozen oysters (from MV no less). Ouch.

      2. John Dewar in Newton occasionally stocks it. Call ahead. I recently had some lovely Berkshire Pork sausages from there.

        1. Dewar's mentions it on their website, so they should have it.

          1. Reliable Market in Somerville (union sq) has the black pig pork belly in sliced strip form (like thick cut bacon). If you ask them directly, you can have the frozen unslice block (of the belly). Their regular pork is also pretty decent.