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Detroit Coneys

I have a friend arriving tomorrow from Detroit, who loves Detroit coneys. Chili dogs with mustard and onions.

I searched a couple blogs and found Home Plate Burgers serves Detroit Coneys.


Anywhere else? He's staying in Woodland Hills. If you see somebody in a Tigers cap, t shirt, and face paint that's him.

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  1. Original Tommy's would be the closest thing. I'm a little disappointed in their chili dog since they changed to a skinless hot dog a few years ago.


    1. Honestly, why try, unless he's going to be here a long time and gets homesick? It's like if someone flies in from NY, would you take them to pizza? I'm related to Detroiters, I know how much they love their Coneys (I had them as the midnight snack at a wedding there, totally cool!) If you have to try, Hamburger Habit on National(?) in West LA has a chili dog that's close, but it's not called a Coney. Go Tigers!

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        Hey, that's the first thing I thought about the post. Why bring them somewhere that's probably 2nd rate to the real deal.

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          Umm actually yes. There are some good NY pizza places in the area. And while coneys are tough to find, there are enough places with good hot dogs and chili, Carney's isn't one of them, that could "make" a Coney. He's here for business, perfect timing, and will be at Game 1 next Sat. Plus I owe him because I said the Tigers won't make the World Series.

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            If everyone who said the Tigers wouldn't make the World Series buys your friend a Coney, he won't have to buy a meal for weeks! ;-) Seriously, Hamburger Habit is near you, and the chili seems similar to Coney chili to me.

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              I don't like Hamburger Habit but I haven't had the chili there so maybe he'll want to give it a try. Go figure, he's on an expense account and wants a $3 coney.

              I knew Tiger fans were weird. :)

              Hey let's bet. If the Tigers win the World Series I'll buy you a coney at HH. When they don't you buy me a a hot dog from Weiner Factory. Deal? :)

        2. I have no idea what a Detroit coney is but Carneys has a good dog and good chili.

          GOOD DOGS!

          There is a location in the valley on Ventura. It's the TRAIN located just west of Whitset. Lots of free parking!

          12601 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
          (818) 761-8300

          1. How about a Coney from Sonic?


            SONIC Drive-In
            1632 LEMON STREET
            ANAHEIM, CA 92801

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              But that's 53 hard miles from Woodland Hills.

            2. I like Cupids. Was there last night, crunchy dog, lots of mustard and decent chili. Onions and cheese available upon request. Closest location to you is Vanowen and Winnetka.

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                The Cupid's aesthetic is actually pretty close to that of a coney
                - without, thank god, the mandatory dose of cinammon in the chili.
                And of course the line at Pink's is not unlike Lafayette Coneys
                after a Lions game.

              2. Skooby's in Hollywood & Redondo Beach have good, snappy hot dogs and fresh chili and they could easily make it Coney style if you specify.

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                  I found the dogs at skooby's in Redondo Beach to be awfull. Soggy, no flavor and expensive. Even though I like close, I will not return.

                  I have been on a quest in L.A. for a good hot dog and found several to be O.K.. When I want the best dog I have found I make the trek to Carney's in the SFV for my hot dog fix.

                  1. re: Ernie

                    I would def. avoid Skooby's. Ugh. Not snappy (H'wood loc. at least - could Redondo be any better?), bland as could be, and surly, cooler-than-thou (from a hot dog stand no less!) service. Plus, the Hollywood-Blvd. seating is deafening and joyless.

                    I agree w/ above posts that suggest just going to a place w/ good dogs and asking for the constituent items (most places that have dogs in L.A. will have chili).

                    That's weird - (hopefully not too off-topic) I wonder if the name "Coney" (= NY) is related to the fact that Rhode Islanders call a chili dog w/ mustard and a pile of onions a "New York System"? I guess this is what Google is for...

                  2. I've been to Skooby's twice in Redondo and never had a soggy or flavorless hot dog. It is a little expensive but I don't mind as I also like their french fries with aioli and fresh lemonade

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                      My gosh, very different from my experience. My fries were the scraps from the bottom of the fryer. They were EXTRA!! crispy and none longer than about an inch. The kid was more interested in watching soccer than replacing my fries.

                      Perhaps birthing pains since they had just opened. I am usually quite unforgiving for a restaurant that is horrid the first time I try them.

                      If in the area I might give them another shot since I don't mind popping a few extra $$ for a GOOD dog and GOOD fries.


                    2. Try The Stand in Encino. They will make a Detroit Coney for you. They call it their loaded dog. $3.80 ea w/2 toppings, 10 choices, chili and onions among them. No web site. 17000 Ventura, 2 blocks west of Balboa, S side of street, lots of parking. 818 788 2707. I agree w/other posters about taking him there to begin with, when LA has so much ethnic food to offer.

                      1. I have a friend that made and sold chili for many years. He likes the Chili at The Weiner Factory on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks and usually gets it on a Polish Dog. They do have non-polish dogs and every place has mustard & onions.

                        I am surprised that no one yet has mentioned L.A.'s best source for Dog info:

                        The Stand is very attractive for a hot dog establishment but their dogs just don't taste as good.

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                          I actually really like Weiner Factory chili and since it's in my hood, I frequent the place often. However the OP said near WH I think which is why I reco'd cupids which is closer. However lots of better options I'm sure freeway close as mentioned here. PS: I love the way they shred the cheese at WF and pile it on the dog...no scrimping and good cheese too!

                        2. So I paid my bet and I took him to a couple places. Cupid's near Cal-Northridge. A bargain at $2 per chili dog. Hot dogs were tasty but the bun wasn't toasted or even heated. Just straight out of the bag. Chili was mild and is loaded with cumin. Four Tiger paws.

                          After finishing off two Cupid's chili dogs, we head to Home Plate Burgers. The Coney's were terrible. The hot dog was bland and flavorless. The bun was soggy and didn't stand up to the weight of the chili. A waste of time and my money. One Tiger paw. We looked at the Hot Dog Spot and Home Plate Burgers was home of the footlong hot dogs when they did their review back in 2004. The New Diner Blog, listed in the original post, shows Home Plate being the home of Detroit Coney Island.


                          But he did enjoy eating free "Coneys" and can't wait to see his Tigers play in the World Series on Sat. I told him to sell his tickets.