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Oct 16, 2006 08:36 PM

Fredericksburg Area -Business lunch near interstate 95

Looking for a good restaurant for a business lunch for 4 people for a couple of hours near Fredericksburg Virginia. That's the 1/2 way point for those coming from Richmond and the others from DC. Any place where they can sit and do business and eat well close to the interstate?

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  1. There is a HUGE shopping area OFF I95- exit for RT 3 Culpepper.
    Exit towards Culpepper and 50 ft on the right is the entrance to CENTRAL PARK............

    THere are tons of places to eat there-
    OUR favorite is SMOKEY BONES BBQ ( it is not a BBQ joint but more of a restaruant/sports grill). The RIBS (Memphis Ribs) are to DIE FOR. This is a chain that we go to in FL all the time- I WISH they had them in RICHMOND, but they don't.

    In addition,in this SAME shopping center is a OUTBACK RESTAURANT..............

    PLUS a TGI FRIDAYs, CHARLEY'S,Carraba's Italian. PLUS TONS MORE but these are the nicest where you can sit down and talk.

    go onto the website for CentralParkShoppingCenter- I cannot post the link as it will be taken off-= but google it..

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      Not seeking chain restaurants... any local mom and pops?

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        Most of the better, non chain restaurants are going to be in the downtown, historic district. That's probably about 10 minutes from the closest 95 exit. I don't know your criteria but here's a quick lunch list in no particular order: Sammy T's, the Capital Ale House, Claibournes (fairly expensive), Bangkok Cafe and Jake and Mike's.
        Finding mom and pop places near the interstate is a little tougher. But some ideas would be Kenzos(sushi), South Vietnam, Vinny's (local Italian chain), Laziza and Guru (order off the menu....not the buffett). Hope that helps.