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Best Sushi in Dallas not named NOBU, TEPPO, or TEI-TEI

Looking for a new sushi restaurant w/ late hours. Any help and recommendations would be appreciated.



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  1. nandina on lowest greenville is open till 3am.

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      Yes, Sushi Sake is the best, but if it's late night, then Nandina is my go-to.

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        I've been hearing a lot about Sushi Sake. Where is Nandina?

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          Lower Greenville. The sushi is fair, but it's the only place I know of that serves after 10 or 11 at night.

    2. Late night, with great $1 sushi specials on Tuesday and Saturday: Sushiyama on Forrest one block west of Greenville.

      Best Sushi in town is still Sushi Sake, Richardson.

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        Ok, I finally went to Sushiyama for the first time last night. Wow! The sushi itself was certainly not on par with something like Yutaka (or even Genki), but their extensive menu of authentic non-sushi items plus the general ambiance made me feel like I was back in Japan. I think I just found a place to hang out!

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          Piranha, but it's not in Dallas. http://www.piranhakillersushi.com/ Never really been a fan of Nandina. STEEL is good, and Tei Tei should really be avoided.


      2. Sushi Sapporo
        3211 Oak Lawn

        I don't know if it is the best, but I've never had a bad piece of fish in this place. BIG sushi bar so you don't have to worry about all of the seats being taken. The chefs are good and the food is always fresh and well prepared.

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        1. Not the best in town, but it is still pretty tasty,Deep Sushi on Elm.

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            Yeah, Deep Sushi is an old stand-by. If only it wasn't located in Deep Ellum.

          2. I second Sushi Sake in Richardson, but it is the closest to me, so I might be a little prejudiced.

            1. Another vote for Sushi Sake, though I don't know how late they are open, they are my favorite for Sushi.

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                  What's their price range? Do they have any dollar sushi or happy hour specials?

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                    No sushi specials there. Its about the same price as Deep Sushi, maybe a bit more expensive for some of the specials from the chalk board.

                    My current favorite, amberjack. mmmm, good

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                      I went back to Sushi Sake tonight for the first time in awhile. Still wonderful. And per your comment, I had the amberjack-- wow! Also my new favorite now.

              1. Shinsei on Inwood and Lovers Lane
                Yutaka Sushi Bistro off McKinney Ave. next to S&D Oysters

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                  Thanks. Tried Yutaka several weeks ago and liked it a lot. Their black cod miso rivaled Nobu's and less expensive too. Thinking about that Kobe beef dish still brings a smile to my face.

                  Shinsei is on my radar, though not for sushi.

                2. I'd rank Sushi Loco among a mediocre places like Sakura or Genroku. Sure, I'll eat there, and they have some things that are reasonably priced, but I wouldn't immediately consider them when deciding on a place to go.

                  Their quality doesn't hold a candle to better places like Sushi Sake or Sushiyama.

                  1. Try Simon's Sushi on Plano Pkwy and 75. Not only is the fish fresh, the rolls innovative (BTS and Monday night rol), but Simon is one of the nicest guys around. It is BYOB, which also saves on costs!

                    1. I will have to try Nandina sometime with those hours, but my favorite is still Hanasho in Irving (Beltline @ Rochelle). Another outside of Dallas that is steadily improving is MK's in Bedford. Originally it was only Teriyaki and Korean. But they added a small sushi offering and found a whole new market. They are noticeably revamping the restaurant. Last week sushi was the main course for almost all the patrons. Very fresh, large portions, reasonable prices and a growing selection.

                      Unfortunately, another one that does not serve natto - yet. Anyone know who does, other than Hanasho?

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                      1. re: TalN

                        Are you looking for a natto sushi/roll? It might be hard to find since it's not very popular... If you want just natto, you can buy it at a store--Japanese or Chinese (most local Chinese stores carry it, somehow in the freezer.)

                        1. re: kuidaore

                          So I have discovered. Most the time my craving gets satisified at home with the frozen stuff, but I really like a hand roll with just natto and umeboshi to cap of a night's feast of fish. A sushi chef I made friends with years ago warned me that Americans just don't eat the stuff.

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                            Never thought there would be a Texan who would crave for natto and umeboshi! Even in Japan, many people (mostly in western Japan) don't eat natto.

                      2. Well bummed out on two levels tonight. We started off trying Masami, and they are CLOSED with a sign that says under new managment soon!

                        Then we went to Sushi Sake as a backup. The fish was poor, small cuts and expensive. The place was hopping, but I could not really figure out why. Most any sushi bar would have been equal or better. I have not been there in years due to them being so busy, it will be years before I am there again.