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Oct 16, 2006 08:19 PM

Emeril's Pressure Cooker

Emeril cooked with a pressure cooker the other night. It didn't look like any I had ever seen. Actually didn't seem too "scarey". Anyone know what he was using?

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  1. There was an interesting pressure cooker that All Clad was showing at a trade show under the Emerilware label. If I remember correctly, this piece was meant to be used with a sealed lid as well as a conventional lid for non-pressure cooking. It's a pretty good bet that Emeril was using this model on his show.

    1. it is the emerilware onepot, it is on the website.

      1. From the info on the website, it looks like a very-low-pressure cooker. It'll reduce cooking times a little, but not by anywhere near as much as a regular pressure cooker can. And its list price of almost $250 is staggeringly high for what it seems to be. You can get a perfectly good "real" pressure cooker in a large size, with high and low pressure settings and an aluminum sandwich base, for less than half that amount. It will be much more flexible, and quite safe.

        1. Babs,

          I agree with Miss Priss. Look for a modern high pressure (15 psi) pressure cooker. They cook food the fastest. If one is not careful in checking the specifications, you can be easily fooled by a low price (or sometimes a high one) into buying a low pressure unit that doesn't cook much faster than a conventional pot. This website ( ) has a lot of good info about pressure cookers. Check out the section “What to look for in a pressure cooker.”