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Oct 16, 2006 08:04 PM

Drink Ideas Before Bouley

I'll be heading to Bouley Friday with my GF and was looking for somewhere really nice, chill and relaxed for a pre-meal drink. We'll be dressed up so something hot but loungey would be best I think.
I was thinking about Rise Bar @ Ritz-Carlton, Thom's Bar @ 60 Thompson Hotel or Grand Bar & Lounge @ Soho Grand.
Anyone have any thoughts on these three spots? A clear winner? Etc...
Thank you all!

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      1. I think Rise is pretty unparalleled, given the view. It's definitely better than the other 2 you mentioned.

        1. Brandy Library is by far the best damn choice for a nice drink before Bouley.

          Enjoy...Ethan is the man when it comes to Scotch.